Friday, October 27, 2006

Super Mario - anyone??

Super Mario - one of the hit games of the Nintendo for the past 10 years! Oh well, let me tell you something. I know how to play Super Mario on a Family Computer as early as 2 years old. My uncle exposed me through this form of media. Well he's my playmate in this game and mind you, I'm an expert. I could remember (hey that's redundant!!) that I finished Super Mario up to the World 8 and saved the Princess. Not once, but THRICE. Not only Super Mario that I played in my family computer, but also Tankers, Operation WOLF, Balloon Fight, Arkanoid and a lot more. Well, talking about operation wolf, I was afraid of the pictures and its violent sound. The genre of this game, by the way, is all about war. And I'm not a war freak person as you can see!

anyway, I had fun writing my journals in here! My childhood memories. I hope this would be a life-long bloG!

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Renz Marione Metran Bulseco
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