Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pampering Thyself: The Beauty of Freelance Work

Last Sunday, I went to the nearest mall with mom and dad. Mom did her weekly grocery thing while dad and I hung out at a food stall near the grocery. Then, I checked my dollar account to see whether the checks have already validated.


The long wait is over!


On the 4th week of September last year, I received an email from TransPerfect, an international company that hires project-based translators worldwide. I don't know where they got my profile (perhaps from translatorscafe) so, I sent them a few docs and all. Then, their HR dude all the way from New York called and interviewed me. Weeks after, I started receiving projects and part of my job is to translate English documents to Tagalog, Bisaya or Hiligaynon. It was a bit tough since I tend to be careless with some of my works, which brought me to some minor troubles, but all of it were ironed out (heh). It was an opportunity working with them and I had fun. The pay would take at least 45 days before the check reaches my home. That was the reason why I opened a US dollar account at BPI. I thought that I wouldn't get paid since 45 days is tooooooooooo long. I got impatient but soon forgot about it along the way. I kept on receiving projects until January when suddenly, I received a mail from them. I have finally received my first paycheck and decided to spend it in my Pinatubo trip last month. By February, my second paycheck came.

You know, it was such an amazing feeling that I can finally purchase those things that I've wanted without asking anything from my parents. And I do believe that there are things that are really meant for you. It happened to me four times yesterday.

One. A month ago, I was browsing for some pants at Bench when I saw their new khaki carrot pants. I have always wanted to buy it since I love to experiment when it comes to fashion. When I finally got my money two days ago, I went there and learned that there was only one pair left. And guess what? It had a perfect fit - SIZE 29! I didn't have any second thoughts of buying it. Lol!

Two. Since last year, I was looking for some decent cardigans because one will look fab if he pairs it with either jeans or pants (depends on the color and style though). I saw one at Penshoppe a few months back but it was waaaay expensive. After I bought the carrot pants from bench, I went to Penshoppe to scout for cardigans... but they didn't have one. So I went inside Oxygen. Same banana. For some reasons, an unknown force dragged me to Regatta. I browsed their store then poof, I saw a navy blue cardigan! I bought it for only Php 900 (original price - almost Php 1300). Yey! Now, I have a new preppy outfit. Can't wait to post it on Lookbook!

Three. Out of the blue, I decided to color my hair. I went to BenchFix Salon, got caught off-guard with the price pero keri pa rin. And now tan-tada-da-tada! My hair's not a virgin anymore! Love the new color of my hair:

Four. I am an avid fan of Michael Crichton. He's my all-time favorite author! I got depressed when he died last 2008 because his works were all amazing. Next, Jurassic Park, State of Fear, Timeline, Airframe are just one of my favorites. His last novel is Micro and I've been dying to buy it ever since its release. Even if I already read the first ten chapters of it (LOL free reading at NBS), I still bought it... for the love of Crichton! I can't wait to finish it (even if I haven't finished reading Clash of Kings of George R.R. Martin, which is an effortful read by the way).


This is the life that I really wanted.

Currently, I'm working within the comforts of my home. Actually, I'm looking for some freelance jobs again to sustain my needs. Like what the pros say, freelance jobs come and go, but at least you all have the time for yourself. I never dreamed of working in the corporate world (but if all else fails, I have no choice but to join the eeeeevvviiiilllll corporate world). Imo, it eats up half of your life.

Well at least, I'm savoring my 'independence' because one day, I'll have my own family and everything will change for the betterment of my family's growth and development.

Oh yeah, this is how I ended my February.


  1. Aimae Molina2:07 PM

    so true... If possible nga forever freelance work na lang eh.. I super love working online given na kayang kayan ma manage and time and everything..yun nga lang stability is not guaranteed pero choks pa rin.. ;)
    how about you try writers.ph.. malaki ang kanilang bayad yun nga lang you have to write and do the term paper/ research paper of some bratty, spoiled , rich kids sa labas..heard that one project can pay as much as $200 for around 15 pages.. hehehe...

  2. Nice post.

    Nice hair.

    Good luck! ;)

  3. Haha I really agree with you! And you can be anywhere in the world without sacrifing your job. Most people don't have that freedom cos they're stuck with their day job.

    Actually everything you said took the words out of my mouth. Although it is unlike most jobs na stable, but if it pays really well and you have time for everything, then s'all good!

  4. na inspire naman ako mag try ng mga jobs online like what you do.dagdag income din yun.