Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Celebrity Account

Excluding the members of the introvert and anti-social communities, everyone dreams of becoming a celebrity. We all know the perks of a celebrity - unlimited supply of products from sponsors, TV appearances, movie projects, commercials and a whole lot more. But not all of us are lucky enough to reach that star.

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Celebrities are known to influence people in many aspects and it can be discerned from the number of their fans. And in today's time, it is very possible to communicate with them through their social network accounts such as Twitter. Many of us think that having millions of followers is a blessing (most especially for bloggers because millions of followers literally translates to millions of bucks!). But for celebrities, it's the opposite. Allow me to show you some consequences of having millions of followers online.

A few weeks ago while browsing my Twitter timeline, a friend of mine posted a few tweets with a #artistatweet hashtag on it. It never failed to crack me up! Here are some examples:

  • Good morning guys! How are you? Off to our shoot. God bless po! Mwahugs! :-*
  • Did you guys watch our show? How was it? Ingat po kayo always!
  • Off to my shoot. Grabe nakakapagod pero okay lang. Para po to sa fans ko!
  • Good night! Sweet dreams and God bless po! :)
  • (Insert Twitpic of lunch) Lunch time na! Kain na po tayo! Nomnomnom! :3

You know, Twitter was made to allow its users to express themselves in less than a hundred and forty characters. But if you're a celebrity, you can't fully express yourself! Take this as an example:

You got stuck in a traffic jam along EDSA. 
Your tweet: P$%)#$% **a naman oh. Traffic sa EDSA! Bwiset! Late na 'ko! S***!!!
But if you're a celebrity, your tweet would be probably like this: OMG traffic along EDSA! Gonna be late sa shooting ko. :( Ingat po kayo guys! Mwah!


And when handling hate mails/tweets: 
You reply: Maagnas ka, inggitera! Mukha kang palaka!
But celebrities reply: Okay po. God bless you nalang po.

You know I can't blame them. Celebrities, like us would feel the same thing whenever they receive such tweets or mails (naks, base from experience ba?). But they have no choice. They have to control their emotions! It is really hard to make mistakes online because one can be fatal and it can be the probable cause of your demise. Because celebrities have at least a hundred thousands to millions of followers, what they publish would truly circulate the world in just a minute. Trending topic. Worlwide.

Well, my point is simple. Famous or not,we have to be responsible whatever we post online. Props to GMA 7's Think Before You Click campaign because they gave enough information about the consequences of cyberbullying and spreading false information online.

Janina San Miguel, Melanie Marquez and Christopher Lao were among the few notable people who got instantly famous after being cyberbullied.

Remember, write in white heat but edit in cold blood.

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