Sunday, March 25, 2012

Because Turning Off The Lights Isn't Enough

It all started in Sydney, Australia.

Sydneysiders turned off their lights for an hour not just to conserve electricity but to raise awareness about the continuing destruction of mankind to our environment. Global temperature had continuously risen causing severe storms and extreme weather patterns in the past few years. Some marine and terrestrial species of animals are on the verge of extinction which will destroy our ecosystem.

Then after a year, several countries followed this global movement, including the Philippines. This year, Earth Hour is not just about turning off your lights for an hour; it's more than that.

Earth Hour 2012 in the Philippines will be simultaneously celebrated at Makati City, Cebu City and Davao City. Here in Davao, WWF Ambassador Marc Nelson will be hosting the switch-off event to be held at SM City Davao. The event will start at 6PM and witness the Kadayawan-themed dance parade.

And since it's more fun in the Philippines, the team came up with a creative idea. Watch the video below and learn the steps of Earth Hour Davao Dance Craze. I may not be a great dancer, but I will try my best to have a graceful performance, all for Mother Earth (yes, my love for our nature is profound... naks).

Earth Hour 2012 also launched a new campaign to further raise awareness on protecting our environment - the "I Will If You Will" challenge. This aims to dare the world to save our one and only home, Earth. And my Earth Hour dare is this: "I will join any fun run events if people will start segregating their wastes".

Join us at SM City Davao (Annex) this March 31 and be part of the world's largest global movement.

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