Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Because I'm an avid fan of Patty Laurel

I have been an avid fan of Patty Laurel since 2007. One cold morning of May 2007, I was browsing some random blogs when all of the sudden, I landed on Patty’s blog. Her blog's tagline was: Come, waste your time with me. What a catchy tagline. I didn't know that she was a celebrity back then (it was later when I found out that she was the host of Breakfast Club, a defunct morning news show of Studio 23). All I know was, she had a cool blog and I got glued by her posts. Her posts were funny and wittily written (aside from the fact that she's pretty).

Since that day, I’d always read her blog. Even if she didn’t update it on a daily basis (or weekly basis), I’d still reread some of her posts. She is actually one my inspirations in blogging. She even replied to some of my comments and most recently, some of my tweets. *blush*

Heh. Fanboi on the loose.

Dati, she keeps on posting about her humorous adventures (and misadventures) with Atom, her former lover. The two of them looked together, to be honest. I really thought they’d have a happy ending, but I  (or we, her fans) was (were) wrong. Honestly, I (we) got sad after reading her post regarding her break-up (even if it’s a mutual break-up, it hurt big time. Oo na, ako (kami) na ang affected!).

After she posted the link of her engagement photos (courtesy of Mango Red which were by the way, absolutely stunning and gorgeous) on Twitter, it dawned on me that true love exists. I don't know but base from their engagement photos, she looks really, REALLY happy. She had finally found her true love.

I’ve never been that envious before. For me, engagements photoshoots are meh and cheesy. But this? Gaaaah. Naiinggit ako! They look good together and are happy with each other's company. It made me realize that one has to be patient. If you and your partner are not meant for each other, your relationship won't really work no matter how hard you try. Both of you would end up tired and disappointed. I believe that the long wait would be worth it (well, scratch that... it has to be worth it!). Love can’t be rushed!

But the question is, how long do I have to wait? But seriously, I shouldn't think about it. I am still young for crying out loud!

To Patty and Patrick, I wish you all the best.



All photos belong to MangoRed. Absolutely gorgeous!


  1. :)) Affected din ako/kami(!) nun! Haha! But yes, ang saya lang tingnan ngayon ng DA PATS:) True love♥

  2. Me too. Affected before. But she seems really really happy now on her posts diba. ^ ^,