Friday, February 03, 2012

Celebrating Single Awareness Month

February always reminds me (and hopefully not 'will forever remind me') that I am [still] single. I'm turning 22 this year and I haven't had any serious relationships EVER. As in, SSB - single since birth. As in, NGSB - No gelpren sins bert.

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Just recently, a lot of my Facebook friends posted something about Valentine's Day, also notoriously known as SAD - Single Awareness Day. It goes something like this:

"OMG Valentine's na pala this February. Will you be my Valentine?" - lonelygirl_48573 
"It's Single Awareness Day month! /wirst" - emo_punk359_gr3t 
"Month of love na pala. Ugh, I'm so bitter talaga!" - sweetie_sugargirl345 
"I feel so blessed that I have my one and only. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Good vibes everyone!" -

Ugh, dafuq?!

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People have this notion that only couples can enjoy and celebrate Valentine's. Those who are still looking for their one and only will just sulk in the their room and listen to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Your Guardian Angel all day and all night whilst slashing their wrist. Yuck, ang corny! But seriously, I knew some people who get emotional every Valentine's Day. *sigh*

I mean, c'mon!

Apparently, the season of love is not only limited to your partner.... IT INVOLVES EVERYONE - your family, friends and relatives! From my personal viewpoint, one can still enjoy Valentine's if you're going to celebrate it with your friends and family and enjoy the discounts of some restaurants during the love month (Lol, halatang kuripot).

Furthermore, there's nothing wrong if you're still single this love month. I mean, in my case, I'm still enjoying (and savoring) my remaining days of being single because time will come, I will start looking (or better yet... HUNTING) for my lifetime partner and build my own family. Heh, but I ain't in a hurry, and ain't emotionally ready yet. Meganon?!

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If you think no one loves you... think again. Whether we like it or [deny] it, a few still care for you and always love you unconditionally. Nevertheless, there are no excuses of being unhappy this Single Awareness Month. If you're celebrating the love month with your one and only, be grateful for him or her. If you're alone, be grateful for the gift of life.

Single Awareness Month is not really a reminder that you are STILL single, per se, it's just a way of telling you that you are still free to do anything with your life - travel, explore and meet new friends along the way.

Once you enter a special commitment, there's no turning back. It requires a lot of responsibilities and perseverance to make it long-lasting. Love takes time and shouldn't come with so many conditions. More so, it can't be rushed.


Happy Single Awareness Month, everyone!


  1. I hope those two people kissing will get hit by a train.

    BTW: Timely post Renz!

    #bitter? :P

  2. @Lauren: I share the same sentiment. HAHAHAHA!

  3. "it's just a way of telling you that you are still free to do anything with your life - travel, explore and meet new friends along the way."

    totally, totally agree with this... 100% :)