Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jeepney Rides Are Fun... or so I thought.

Whenever dad's not around, I commute. I prefer riding a jeep because it's an inexpensive way to tour the city... unless if you live ten boondocks away from downtown.

Jeepney rides are fun! (Photo credit)

But sometimes there are some reasons why I sometimes hate commuting. No, it's not about how small or old the jeep is, it's the people whom I share a seat inside!

Here are some nosy people that I hate to be with inside the jeep. You might as well encounter some of them in one of your future rides!

1) "Allergic kasi ako sa coins, kaya I don't make pasa them to manong!"

These are people who do not pass your fare to Manong Driver, no matter HOW KIND YOU ARE (see also: saying please before passing your fare)! I had an awful experience about this.

I was on my way to school (UP) from SM City Davao. I grabbed my coin purse and handed over my fare to a lady who sat next to me. I even said "bayad nako oh, palihog lang" politely. Then this bitch just stared at my hand and didn't bother at all. Worse, she even pretended to sleep!!! Uggghhh! Good thing, another passenger next to her grabbed my fare and handed it over to Manong Driver.

Who are you, woman?!

2) "I'm a big man, so I'll sit like a boss..."

Honestly, this kind of passenger is ruthless and selfish. One time, I was on my way to Ayala Abreeza when this man hailed the jeep and sat next to me. We were eight and the jeep was almost full. There were only two seats left at our side. I was actually sitting comfortably until this big man sat beside me... with legs wide open. Jesus Christ. I politely told him that he should sit properly. But meh, either he's not listening to me or worse, deaf... or...

You do not own the jeep, mister.

3) "From head to toe..."

It's perfectly normal when a passenger stare at you for a few seconds. Baka malay mo, kakilala ka niya pala! But to glare you from head to toe? Jesus Christ. There was one time when this lady glared at me from head to toe after entering the jeep. Of course, I got caught off guard and got conscious. I swear to the Holy Cows, I didn't know her and I am not wearing anything that would raise one's eyebrow. That. Old. Bitch.

It's quite insulting actually.

4) "We love each other and we're gonna spread love inside!"

There's nothing wrong when you hold your partner's hand inside the jeep. But to make harutan, kagatan and laplapan (lol instense) inside the jeep? God. Guys, show some respect. Girls, show some decency, please. Do not act as if nagshu-shooting kayo ng music video ng You and Me Against The World.

You can show your affection to other places, but please not inside the jeep! It's so... cheap and so... wrong in many ways.

5) "I feel like a princess, so I'll sit like a princess!"

This is similar to #2 but this time, it's a lady who sits in a number four position, pa-sideways pa! I don't have any problems with that kind of sitting position, that is if there are only few people inside the jeep. There was this particular lady who doesn't seem to care. AT. ALL. The conductor had repeatedly said "Miss, sibugi lang!" (Translate: Miss, you better move your ass now) to her.

Lorjisas, help me!

6) "Blabber mouth. Yakiti-yakiti-yak!"

Don't get me wrong. It's pretty normal when you talk to someone inside the jeep, but please minimize your voice. We do not want to eavesdrop, but I surmise you're inviting us to do it! 

One sunny afternoon, a girl in uniform from a prestigious university here in Davao hailed a jeep and was busy talking to the phone. The jeep that time didn't have any music. All you can hear is the occasional honking of the cars on the road and her telephone conversation with someone. I guess she's talking to her group mate.

"As in? Hala ka, ka-bugo mo lagi ay! Diba gi-sabi ko sa iyo na wag muna i-pass yung project natin? Ano ka man uy! Ka-samok mo ba!"

Now, everyone inside the jeepney knew that her group mate is dumb. Poor group mate.

If you have an encounter with any of these scumbags, please call 911 or share your experiences here. Happy commuting... and good luck!


  1. halos lahat ng na mention mo na experience ko na. haha. mga feeler :)

  2. Il Tenore1:22 PM

    you forgot something.. Kanang girl na wa gihigot ang buhok unya kung kusog ang padagan sa jeep, luoy kaayo ang nasa tapad niya kay siya ang maigo pirmi.. haha!

    ikapila na ko ana ba.. samok lang..

  3. Jonas1:24 PM

    lahi akoa.. kana ganing babae nga taas kaayo ug buhok unya wa pa jud gihigot! kuyaw kaayo kay pagdagan sa jeep, igo ko sa iyang buhok! malumos man sad ta ato..

  4. LOL. Makarelate ko ani. Plus more. There are also the occasional pervs that I encounter during jeepney rides. I've experienced:

    1. Being touched on the legs. To think I was wearing a punk outfit but it was probably the denim skirt. Nagpaatik siya touch na as if ato ka grabe ang preno sa jeep maski hindi naman. I stared at his eyes (kanang dako mata na style) and changed seats kay nahadlok ko sa iyaha.

    2. I've tried being stroked on my left arm. Natulog lang aketch at nagising ako kay may nagastroke na sa aking arm. "Ano pangalan mo amiga?" I replied: "Unsa'y amiga? Dili ta amigo!". Almost everyone at the jeep laughed at him. Again , I switched seats.

    3. Kanina lang. May autistic highschool student that was hitting on me. Atiman kag, kipangutana ko kasal na ba daw ko? I was kind enough to engage in a conversation though. Kasi nga, he's not in his right mind.

    You should include pervs in this list Renz. I've encountered a lot here in Davao just by riding a jeep. lol.

  5. Wait. Jonas and Il Tenore are also right! Haha. Girls who don't tie their hair or at least hold them to not get in the way of other people's faces :))

  6. Oops! Oonga no. Mga manyak!!! Lol

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    i'm somehow guilty of the first one...but if and only if the person doesn't have courtesy...but if i hear her/him say please i would gladly hand over his fare to the jeepney driver...a lot of our commuters DO NOT practice courtesy and it's irritating...~chang s.

  8. Naa pa jud, Wala ko kabalo kung naka experince namo maka taapad ug in-ani sa jeep pero usahay naay kawatan na mag tapad tapad sa imo sa jeep Lalo na paggabie kanang ulian. Naka experince ko ana twice pero maayo na lang nabantayan nko.