Monday, January 02, 2012

Welcome, Dragon!

We finally bid good bye to 2011 last night, of course WITHOUT a bang.

2011: The Year That Was

I must say that the previous year has been good to me and to my family as well. It's my favorite year so far, but I can sense that I will own 2012. Heh. >:)

Looking back, 2011 has taught me a lot of things - from making decisions on my own to discovering that there's indeed more to life in traveling. True enough, I have known and understood myself better in 2011.

Career Choice

Right after my graduation, I decided not to pursue a medical career. I don't know but I didn't feel an ounce of jealousy whenever I see my former classmates studying medicine various medical schools. In fact, I was happy that I didn't pursue it. They kept on persuading me to study medicine because sayang raw ang pagiging BS Biology graduate ko. I didn't make any comments regarding that issue for months. They won't seem to understand no matter how hard I tried to explain (or did I try to explain that well?). Blugh. I don't see myself in the medical field and pursuing it might result to depression in the near future.

I was a bum for months. On that period, I started reorganize my thoughts and plans in life. And this is the year when I learned that I can earn through blogging - thus the reason why I am always online. Haya-haaaay!

Aside from landing a decent and high-paying online job, I am looking forward to my new career - a travel show host of Mindanao Travel Channel (Working title: Let's Get Lost) with my co-Davao Bloggers, Juy and Mark. Shooting will start next week in Compostela Valley! I never thought of working in media, but the idea of it really excites me! Hurray!

Mark, Juy and Me!

And oh, I'm also an entrepreneur! I'm selling wellness products. So if you want to look and feel good all day all night 24/7 and to be rich like me (Lol, in a year or two pa), don't hesitate to contact me. And if you're from Davao, let's have a serious but stress-free business talk. HUY, SERYOSO AKO!

The 2012 Davao Food Appreciation Tour is also one of the things that I look forward this year! It's an annual event that requires chosen bloggers from different points of the country to become gluttons for four days. The goal of this project is to showcase how diverse Davao's culture is, and of course, to promote food [and travel] establishments here in Davao.

More Travels and Personal Projects

I made a promise that by 2012, I shall take traveling to the next level. This 28th of January, I'm going to climb Mount Pinatubo together with some members of PTB Bagets! It's actually my life-long dream to climb that historical (and equally destructive) volcano. I can't wait!

One of my favorite photo collage in my 2011 Project 365

Also, I have finally finished my 2011 Project 365! It's actually a success considering the pressure of posting new photos about your life and whatnot EVERYDAY! It's kinda exhausting but I managed to finish it! Hurray (view my Project 365 here)! That's going to be my FIRST and LAST Project 365. I'm thinking of doing a Project 52 this year, but I am still uncertain about it. One thing for sure, I won't stop shooting photos and posting some of them online!

August is my birthday month, and guess what? I'm going to celebrate my birthday month at Kota Kinabalu! I think this is going to be my first international trip if I won't make it to Singapore this March with Jerome.


There are so many things to look forward this year. I am very positive that 2012 will be more awesome than 2011.

Once again, Happy New Year, everyone! Let's enjoy the remaining 365 days of 2012.


  1. Happy New Year Renz... I'm your newest follower here...

  2. Happy New Year, Rovie! Thanks for following!

  3. Hindi ako ang newest dito. lols.
    ang cute ng photo nating tatlo. I'm looking forward to our new career also. naks!! lumilevel-up lang?

    Just so, paniwalaan ka ng readers mo. Totoo pong nagbebenta ng wellness products si RM Bulseco.=HAHAHA. .haven't tried any of his products tho.

    WOW.. congrats sa Project 365 mo! Buti naman may success story ako narinig about that kind of project, kaya kakayanin ko to.hehehe. .

  4. Mark, will endorse my products soon. Actually very important to siya lalo na na we're going to work on media!!! These products will make us look and feel good everyday! Hahaha!

  5. Your decision of not pursuing a medical career does seem a good move. You're living the life! Happy New Year!

  6. Likewise, Gay. Happy New Year as well! :D