Saturday, December 31, 2011

Of Breaking The Silence: Speak Up!

From time to time, I meet new people from my trips, events and even from my business meetings. I admit that there are times that I easily get intimidated by some mainly because of their credentials or their personalities. I'd always think that I had no right to oppose them and left me no choice but to just blindly follow and agree with all of their insights, plans and opinions.

Being silent does not necessarily equates to respect. Let me tell you a short story about my experience with regards to this particular social issue.

High school wasn't really fun, to be honest. I used to be bullied by some of my classmates, became an underdog and worse, despite being the team leader, my constituents wouldn't listen and follow me just because I don't belong to an elite group of people. Just an ordinary student from a middle-class family.

I thought that I had no right to speak up simply because of my social status. But, I learned to accept and live with that kind of mentality. There were times that I just had to follow all the things that our 'leaders' had told us, no matter how good or bad it were. They were too intimidating and was afraid to speak up with what's on my mind. Kahit ano ang gawin ko, ako pa rin ang talo. I chose to be silent because I do not want to be humiliated publicly.

All had changed when I entered college.

My college life was totally different from high school. Students were encouraged to speak up what's on their minds and to attend public dialogues. And it dawned on me that I have wasted four years in high school. There were so many points that I wanted to raise back then. There were so many opinions and insights that I wanted to share to my peers. There were so many things that kept on bothering me. But I chose to be silent, and I truly regret it.

As years go by, my high school mentality about this issue had gradually changed. Expressing my thoughts had never felt this good. It was liberating! Because of it, I learned a LOT of things like becoming more aware about the social issues of my community.

Although, we must also take note that there is a fine line between expressing your thoughts and disrespecting. Remember that even if we have the freedom to speak up, we should still respect the opinions and insights of others. We may have our differences but I guess it can be settled through a healthy discussion. 

This 2012, one of my resolutions is to become more responsible in expressing my thoughts and opinions. Everyone should start expressing their thoughts but never argue to people just because they oppose your opinions.

Learn to speak up with your beliefs!


  1. sana you included rin your experience a few days ago na gumawa ng ingay sa travel community!charot!haha

    nice renz, VOICE OUT and BE HEARD!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! I am not a patay gutom that's why I didn't include that experience. HAHA JOKE LANG!!! :D

  3. Okay lang na maging outspoken, as long as humility and respect remain.. :) Happy new year po sa inyo..