Thursday, December 08, 2011

Special Christmas Recipes of Chef Niño Laus and Thermos

I envy people who cook well. That's why, I got inspired after watching Chef Niño's cooking demonstration last Tuesday at North Zen Basic spaces. True enough, cooking is indeed a talent. But if your cookwares are not in good quality, your talent in cooking would just be useless.

Cooking demonstration with Chef Niño

My mom had already invested a lot from Thermos. She told me that it is really good to invest in Thermos products because they are durable and keep the food hot (or cold if you want too), all thanks to its innovation, the THERMAX insulation layer.

Thermos has a variety of products which caters ones personal needs. These are:

  1. Thermos Hydration line – Mainly sports bottles; perfect for people who loves outdoors.
  2. Thermos Office line – Food and beverage containers perfect for corporate people.
  3. Thermos Kids – The kid’s line is made with quality materials that have this anti-bacterial property which makes food and drinks not easily get spoiled.

Thermos products!

Chef Niño presented three different recipes perfect for the Yuletide season. He showed us how to prepare and cook the following dishes: Castañas Veloute with Duck Leg Confit Gyoza, Fusion Paella and the bloggers' personal favorite, the Wasabi Cream Pasta with Tea-Smoked Salmon!

Wasabi Cream Pasta with Tea-Smoked Salmon!

Of course, we also had a photo with Chef Niño!

Chef Niño and Davao Bloggers. Photo courtesy of Crislyn/Ace Nierva

More so, I got hyped after learning that Chef Niño's putting up three restaurants here in the city! So excited to try his Fusion (Japanese-French) restaurant.

Thank you Chef Niño and Thermos!

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