Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Planners Never Work For Me

Almost every person on this planet has gone gaga over the 2012 planners of Starbucks, Moonleaf and other famous coffee/milktea shops. Even the notoriously expensive Moleskin planners are selling like hotcakes in leading bookstores.

Moleskine Planner. Photo by Mike Rohde

Planners never worked for me. It always irks me whenever I receive a planner every Christmas. I was in high school back then when I started receiving it. Once, I was given a planner as a gift on my birthday (take note that I celebrate my birthday every AUGUST). Ugh, the horror!

But don't get me wrong. I am not a burara type of person. In fact, I organize my things, place them on the right spot. In short, I'm an OC-type of person. I really hate it whenever things don't go according to my plans. But it's just, there are times that I become spontaneous, therefore ruining the purpose of having a planner. Whenever a friend invites me to go shopping/traveling/food trippin', I'd reply YES, SURE in an instant, as long as the budget permits.

I have nothing against to people who write and update their planners. Others even put an extra effort by having some decent artwork on it. I actually admire them for being so creative and hardworking.

You see, I have blank planners way back in 2007... worse, it comes with different styles! Those were never touched. Still a virgin.

I still lack motivation and drive to do creative stuff on a planner. I admit that I'm still lazy on writing my future schedules and events on a planner. I just write it on a piece paper and post it on my wall. Simple as that.

It doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have concrete plans in my life. I actually have.

But it's just I'm too lazy to write something on a planner.

Yes, I'm THAT lazy.


  1. Hi, RM! How are you? It's my first time in here... nice blog! :D

    Well, I've been collecting Starbucks planners annually (Starbucks fan here), and eventually I've been writing and planning to-dos and stuff along the way. This year was no different... and actually, I wrote something related to planners on one of my recent blog posts. :D

  2. Thanks!

    But actually I need to have a planner na talaga for 2012!!!

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    hi rm! i can relate.

    btw, can you make the font a bit bigger?

  4. same here. for some reason, planners never work for me so di ka nagiisa renz. but i love to have one especially those cute ones but 1 month ra masuwatan. hahaha

  5. Ako nalang na imong planner(s) Kuya Renz!