Sunday, January 08, 2012

Food Junkie

I love food more than anything else.

More than myself. More than my friends. More than my dogs. And more than traveling.

Okay, I was just kidding with the last part.

I eat a LOT. YES. A LOT. 

And fortunately, I don't have to worry with my figure, thanks to my ultra-fast metabolism. I wasn't even fat when I was a kid! I even got jealous to some of my friends who were chubby because people thought that chubby kids are cute. As in Russell-Of-UP cute. And thin kids like me are lampayatot. The nerve. Let's see who runs the fastest. I'm sure I'll outrun those cutie-patootie fat kids on the race. #Bitter

RED KIAMOY! Photo credit
Haw Flakes! Photo credit

When I was young I eat almost anything, well except for hardcore veggies (okra, eggplant, ampalaya and carrot) and crabs (I'm allergic to it. Sucks to be me!). I remember back in 2nd grade, I had this kiamoy and haw flakes phase. Whenever mom and I do the grocery, I'd always buy a hundred grams of kiamoy. The redder and saltier, the better. As weeks went by, dad got furious. I almost cried when he told me that I should stop eating kiamoy because masisira ang kidney ko kasi sobrang maalat daw. So I resort eating haw flakes. Because we were so excited to have our first communion, we'd always act out as if we're receiving the body of christ. With 'amen' pa! Blasphemy! Hahaha.

Eventually I grew tired of eating haw flakes after the price of it went up. Sosyal, affected din pala ang hawhaw flakes sa 1997 Asian Financial Crisis! So, kiamoy and haw flakes - definitely out of the game. Good thing, I discovered sampaloc candy, especially the round one. It just reminds me of kiamoy, only that it's rounder and darker. Anyway, I love how my taste buds play with its sourness and sweetness. So perfect.

Okraaaa ewwwwww. Photo credit

And by the time I entered adolescence, my already huge appetite became bigger. I don't know why, everything seemed delicious... even those hardcore veggies! Blech.

Soon, my friends started to get notice with my forever growing appetite.

"Renz, ba't di ka tumataba?" 
"Renz, are you sure na mauubos mo yan?" (pointing at my plate with three cups of rice plus two viands on it 
"Renz, gi-bitok ka?!" (Do you have any intestinal worms) -- HELL NO.

Well, it happens every time until my friends got used to it.

Eating has been therapeutic to me. 

Whenever I'm stressed, I eat. Whenever I'm bored, I eat. Whenever I get mad, I eat. Bugnutin ako 'pag gutom ako!

I eat almost every hour and I would do whatever I can just to make my stomach satisfied. There was one time when a bag of pork chicharon was the only food left in the pantry. I know for sure that I won't get satisfied if I finish that bag. Then, I found out that there were still two cups of rice left. What I did was I ate chicharon with rice. Isawsaw mo lang suka, solb na ang rice meal mo!

College was indeed the most stressful place that ever existed, though at times, the most exciting one. I tried numerous ways to combat stress - yosi and alak (later I realized that I'm maltose intolerant). But those two didn't work at all and worse my well being's compromised by those two vices. Eventually I came back to stress-eating... and it really relieved me from stress. That was also the time when I started eating sea foods. Apart for fish, I never dared to eat shrimps, squid, crabs, shells, and oysters after that particular Mr. Krabbs incident. I was five and I tried eating crabs. After I took a teeny-weeny bite, my throat start to itch like hell and suddenly, breathing became difficult.

But despite those, my love for food had grown ever since I started going out with my blogger friends. I have already tried authentic Italian and Japanese cuisines and I loved it more than myself. Lol

Ebribadi labs lechon!

I'm turning 22 this year but I still don't know how to cook... pwera lang kung itlog, hotdog, rice at Lucky Me Pancit Canton! Still, eating will always be my favorite habit and there's no stopping me from doing it!

I should try all kinds of food before I turn 30, the start of bawal-ang-pork-beans-fats-and-everything-else phase. I still have eight and a half years to enjoy the UnliFood service. From cheap thrills (isaw and kwek-kwek) to fine dining!



  1. Naku Renz, mas ma-iinlove ka sa foods kung marunong ka nang magluto. Try cooking and baking. :)

    Hindi na ako magtataka kung bakit "stressful" ang college. HAHAHA

  2. But...but... cooking isn't really my passion eh kasi I really know na wala akong talent diyan. Tanggap ko na yan. Though I have a cousin who is soooo magaling sa pagluluto!!! Nakakainggit.

    Pero ok lang. Ako ang judge sa mga luto niya AKA tig-lamon. HAHAHA

  3. Nagcrave nuon ko sa Haw Flakes! HAHA. Childhood keei. :))

    Pagtuon na'g luto oi! Masamot na imong pagka-food lover a.k.a. baboy. LOL

  4. Jam! Hahahaha! I know right! Haw Flakes = Childhood!

  5. I agree. Try cooking ;)

  6. Sige Cai! Will try to learn cooking pag may asawa na ako. HAHAHAHA!

  7. Is there still hao flakes available in the market? I haven't seen or eaten them for a long time.. hehehe. that kid me.. duhh...