Friday, February 22, 2008

The Luckiest B*tch

It was Thursday. I'm late, AGAIN. My mom's watching Umagang Kay Ganda, a morning news program of ABS-CBN and I was surprised that a certain governor dubbed the MADAME PRESIDENT as the "luckiest bitch in town". HAHAHAHAHA =)). But he made a public apology after he did his illicit behavior.

I haven't watched any tv shows for the past two weeks. For the last two weeks, all I can hear in the news was the ZTE Broadband thing. Today, I had this oppourtunity to watch the primetime news since I want to hear some fresh updates about the nation and the world. YEAH RIGHT, it's still the ZTE crappus metalicus thing and I'm quite tired of hearing those cockamamie reports.

Oh yeah. My dad's currently hooked on American Idol and his favorite teleserye, LOBO. EEEK. LOBO? Hahaha. Oh well, if that makes him happy every night, then I should support him, NOT! Hahaha. It's quite awkward when he updates me about American Idol, but there's nothing wrong with it. Haha, and right now, he's watching JUNO. Hayyy =)). I guess Homer's (I sometimes tag him as Homer Simpson because sometimes he acts like Homer, but he's NOT stupid) not busy for this week.

YES. Yesterday, we celebrated the annual CSM FAIR. Most of the booths are from BIOS (Biology Society) and PAFT (Philippine Association of Food Technologists) Lambda Chapter. We only had one class and all I did was this:

- had a free medical check up conducted by the ZOO 120 (Animal Physiology) students
- blah blah here and blah blah there played jump rope together with the BIO upclass
- delivered my speech, sat in the CSM field for almost 4 hours until my back hurts A LOT
- smiled in everyone's digicam (and endured the blinding flash of the camera), and finally
- got home at almost 1 am.

Today, I only had one class, which is Chem 17 Lec. We requested Sir Albert to cancel our Chem 17 Lab session and Lo and behold! Miraculously, WALANG CHEM 17 LAB CLASS! Hahaha =)). By 1pm, classes were suspended due to the "state visit" of the FORMER PRESIDENT FIDEL V. RAMOS. Sayang, I didn't have the chance to attend his speech or whatsoever because it's only exclusive for the Administration Staff of UP. Haaay, if only I'm a NINJA, I could sneak through FVR's symposium.

By afternoon, the CSM FIELD was very noisy but not that annoying (I hope) because it's the BIOnary FUSION DAY. Actually, it's some sort of a reunion with the UP BIOS Alumni. The said event was participated by different year levels of BSBio together with the BSBIO alumni. I just participated the videoke challenge together with BRIGZ. Todo birit kami sa YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME! GRABEH.

♫ Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name
You give love a bad name ♫

Ay ewan. BASTA. SUMAKIT ang lalamunan ko after singing this song. WEEHOH. It was all worth it since we scored 98 points. UUUY flat one na yan! HAHAHA, or baka naman binobola lang ako ng videoke machine?! WHATEVER.

Alright, hell week's coming and I should prepare my ass before's tooooo LATE. ♫ IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE. IT'S TOO LATE. ♫

February 28 - Math 14 3rd long examination
February 28 - deadline for Comm 3 (AH 3) group analysis: "ANG TSINELAS NI CHENELYN".
March 1 - Nat Sci 1 1st long exam, PHYSICS PART, and it's a SATURDAY.
March 3 - Make up class on Bio 3 Animal Portion. WHOLE DAY. From 7 am 'til SAWA. UGH. I had to report about the difference between the invertebrate's and vertebrate's muscular system. VAN! HELP ME!. Oh yes, I know she can't read this.

1st week of March - 4th long exam on CHEM 17 LEC.
March 12 - 2nd LONG EXAM on CHEM 17 LAB (Exercise 7-12)
March 13 - Persuasive Speech delivery of Comm 3.
March 14 - LONG QUIZ on Qualitative Analysis (Exercise 13-18)
March 18 - deadline for the taped interview. (I'm gonna interview my aunt. She's my new neighbor and she's a chemist, and we'll just work with it. YAY! )
2nd week of March - 1st long exam on Bio 3 Animal Portion.
2nd week of March - reporting on Nat Sci 1. Uhm, guys, we should get serious about this.

FINALS will be on March 24-31, and Easter Sunday's on March 23. WTF?? Extended ang penitensya namin??! CRAP.

It's quite useless to grumble about these things. I should prepare before it's tooooo late.


Guns 'n Roses

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that
special place
And if I stared too long
I'd probably break down and cry

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me
of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

Where do we go
Where do we go now
Where do we go
Sweet child o' mine


Guns 'n Roses. THE BEST. BOW. During the CSM night, the ORDER OF THE SCHOLARS (a rock band composed of young and talented high school students of HOLY CROSS OF CALINAN) perfomed at least 6 songs of hard rock.They're just 14 but they had this great talent. Mas maganda pa nga band nila kung i-compare mo sa mga OPM bands ngayon. May future sila sa music industry, I tell you. They're simply the best. =))


  1. Woi ang tagal ko nang hindi nakakapunta dito sa blog moooo. Haha. Di ako maka-keep up sa posts mo kasi parang halos everyday naguupdate ka :)) Haha.

    Ano yan, finals niyo? Shet kami hanggang April pa. Kamusta namannn. Kakatapos lang ng midterms namin. Ohooo. Anyway good luck sa exams!

  2. kimmie1:16 PM

    "She may be a bitch, but she's the luckiest bitch around"

    Panalo. Grabe.

    Sweet Child of Miiiiine *_* I love that song :)

  3. cha:

    CHAAAA! musta na?? okay lang :)). di pa yan finals. mga long exams palang yan. march 24-31 pa ang finals namin. WAAAA. ay natural. hanggang april kayo kasi trisem ehhh :))

    wala lang. parang trip ko lang mag blog everyday or every two days. hehehhe :))

  4. kimmie:

    hahahaha. ROCK AND ROLLLLLL! hahaha. love that song. and oh! KIIMMMMIIIEEE! alam ko na kung paano yan i play sa piano! WEEEEE. adik.

  5. joiesheen1:21 PM

    gusto mong saniban ni mark? hahahahaha if only i was a ninja too...gusto ko bya magclap pag mag thumbs up xa. hahahaha! :D

  6. joie:

    HAHAHA. mo lang, hahahay. makalagot. maka curious man gud kay siyempre, prominent and one of the most influential politician sa pilipinas baya si FVR. eeek. hahahha =)))

  7. joiesheen1:28 PM

    IDOL jud tong mga high school students na nagplay sa sweet child of mine ug katong ambot unsa ang title na sila ghapon ang nagplay. hehehe

  8. GRABEH KAAYO SILA PROMISE. muluhod na ko sailaha! hahaah =)) idol kaayo.though I do hope na ma-idolize ghapon nako sila sa studies nila, and dapat dile sila magbulakbol/magbinuang. hahahha

  9. hahah! kaLingaw Lagi ng papa mo. my dad won't watch those kind of movies. prooo.. cguro kung ang papa ko kagaia ng papa mo ang pinanonood, magkaka.intindihan kmi. hahahah! ö ung mga 1st yir hyskuL Lageh daw? tsk! saiang di ko napanood, sumakit kc paa ng frend ko kaia bumaLik nLng kmi ng dorm. waaah! ö

  10. infairness. 12 am natapos ang CSM night and ang sakit talaga ng likod ko. praaamiiis. :)) waaa.

  11. waaah! oo nga raw eh. tsk! heheh! saiang tLaga di nmin natapos. ö Lingaw gud ang mga kanta na sweet chiLd of mine at you give Love a bad name. hahah! mga cLassic. ü

  12. HAHHAAHA. nice noh? pati sa guitar heroes, fave ko ang sweet child o' mine. HAHAHHA lol :D

  13. kimmie2:39 PM

    OMG ang adik moooo :))))

    Gusto ko matuto mag gitaraaaaa :))))

  14. HAHAHAH lol. oo nga. matagal na akong adik. heehee. mas madali ang piano kesa gitara. for me ha. kasi sumakit talaga fingers ko whenever mag-ggtara ako :))) hahhaa lol :D

  15. kimmie3:56 PM

    Marunong ka rin mag gitara? Wooooh idol!

  16. uhhm hindi masyado!!! HAHAHA. mga basic chords lang alam ko. tas di ko FEEL ang gitara! hahahha =))))

  17. grabe jud diay ka enjoy ang life sa UP! hahaha. can't wait! wa. na-adik nuon ko sa mga kanta na naa sa imong blog. ikaw jud akong main influence sa music! hehehe.

    wa. naay pic akong mama kauban si FVR. hahaha. la lang. hehehe.

    btw, June 10 gud magstart ang classes sa UP. wa. too early! hahaha. :D

  18. char kim uy. HAHAHA. lol :)) atiiik. naay pic imong MAMA kay FVR??! waaa. maayo pa siya. hahahha. :)) kalingaw ana.

    well well well. ana jud ang life sa UP. maski stressful pero enjooooyyy kaayo to the max. no more freakin' madres to confiscate your cellphones, iPods and etc. :))

  19. hahaha! mao2! hahaha. basta naa ganiy mga stars or mga sikat, ready gyud akong mama magpa-pic! hahaha. lol!

    btw, tulo na me Marisians mag-UPMin. ako si Rene Yucamco, and King Naidas. Si Rene BS Archi tapos si King kay BA CommArts. Si Maye dili pa sure. hehehe.

  20. dile ghapon sure si MAYE?? waaa.

    really? mag CommArts si King? that would be great. hahaha. yehey. saayang. dapat matuloy si MAYE! hahaha

  21. ambot niya. ginahulat pa niya ang final verdict sa iyahang papa. na-enganyo man gud daw sa super ka reasonable na tuition fees sa UP. hehehe.

    actually, dapat UPDil si King. BS HRIM iyahang course. kaso, wala siya nakasulod. grabe gud ang BS HRIM, almost 6000 ang nagtake human 300 lang ang ilahang kuwaon. mag-transfer lang daw siya after first sem or after 1 year. :D

  22. hahaha :)) grabeha sa HRM uiiie. hahaha anyhow.

    dali lang na sa iyaha na mag transfer since UP naman siya. hahahha. heehee. musunod na jud siya sa iyang kuya a year after :D bwahahhaha

  23. lagi! reunited na sila son after sa iyahang kuya! hahaha.

  24. hahahaa :)) kalingaw pud ana uie :D

  25. hahaha. jud2! :D