Saturday, February 09, 2008


ARGGH. Curse YURI for my current LSS:


Waaa. I'm craving for CADBURRY CHOCOLATES again. Crap. Good thing, my aunt brought a box of CURLY TOPS. Yeah right, Curly Tops isn't a bad substitute for Cadburry!

One thing that I love weekends is that, I could sleep for almost 14-16 hours because usually on ordinary schooldays, I usually have 6-7 hours of sleep and a maximum of 4 grueling hours during exam period. Lately, I have noticed that I'm becoming more stubborn and more irresponsible when it comes to my sleeping habit. On the first three weeks of the second semester, I usually wake up at seven and still have an ample time to eat breakfast, chitchat with my mom, watch the morning tv show, fix my hair (promise, I usually take 20 minutes to groom my hair) and wait for a habal-habal to ferry me to school. But, during the past few days, I usually wake up an hour late than my regular wake up time. Sometimes I wake up at 8:00 am, 8:10 am, quarter to eight so this means that I should skip breakfast (I should only drink my cold frappe) to compensate the limited time that I have. CRAP. I had an alarm clock (my cellphone), but it's useless. It's either I wouldn't be awakened by the alarm OR simply I would just deactivate the alarm. Nevertheless, I would panic just to finish those personal necessities quickly, and my hair would be messy. WENK.

Oh yeah. My cousin from the other side of the city (as in, literally) just moved in within our neighborhood. YEY! Hahaha. Lol. Kanina nga lang, my mom went to their house to assist my aunt on fixing some things. When she got home, she brought some priceless possessions from my aunt, uncle (a doctor) and also from herself (my mom). Have any clues or ideas of what I'm pointing out? Hmm. WELL WELL WELL, my mom brought SOME BOOKS - ACADEMIC BOOKS! Hmm.

YES. These two are Organic Chemistry Books, used by my aunt (a chemist), uncle (a doctor) and my mom ( a medical technologist). But still, there's a chance that I would still buy books in organic chem that will be recommended by my future Chem 31 and 31.1 professors.

Finally. I have this very THICK BOOK in Anatomy (though I still don't have an anatomy subject yet but surely, this book would be a GREAT HELP to my anatomy subjects. Mapa- ECOLOGY or CELL BIOLOGY MAJOR, I expect that I will take anatomy subjects for four semesters.)

These books should be a great help to me, as reference. God. If only I had enough money, I would extend our home and add a study room together with my books in COLLEGE. Crap. My room's full of highschool textbooks. Haay.

LSS MODE AGAIN, Aaaggggaaain! RAWR!

PINK LIFE - Searching for the days of simple life. I wonder why the sky is blue.

- It reminds me of the remaining days of the first semester. We only did was to retrieve our class cards and to attend our BioLab Oral Defense.

HOW TO SAVE A LIFE - Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness and I would have stayed up with you tonight, then I'll know how to save a life

- GREY'S ANATOMY and the idlest moments of sembreak.

APOLOGIZE - I'm holding on a rope, got me ten feet of the ground. I'm hearing what you say but I just can't make a sound.

- Dimple's multiply, animosity, room 113 and the most dreadful moment with METTALOID.

UNFAITHFUL - I don't wanna do this anymore, I don't wanna be the reason why.
- Fourth year life, Mama Tza, Eeva, Reena and the last culmination of my highschool life - GRACE'S role as the murderer in the MTV presentation.

TORN - I thought I saw a man bore to life, he was warm he came around and he was dignified.

- Yeahyeah. My childhood days when I used to live in my grandparents. My tita (who was still in Ateneo, taking MassCom) use to sing this every time, or plays this song in her trusty cassette player. Wenk. Addict.

HANDS TO HEAVEN - Tonight I need your sweet caress, hold me to the darkness, tonight you calmed my restlessness, you relieved my sadness.

- 2nd year OPAL Life. Period. Hahaha.

WE ARE ONE - One bread one body one people, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. If we put our trust in the Lord, there'll be melody, LOVE and HARMONY, in every heart.

- also 2nd year LIFE and our winning poem composition when we lambasted the seniors on Communication Arts Day last February 2005. Weee.

HIGH - Time won't flow, everyone knows, when the pain fades away. Dream's won't fly, tears in our eyes, you've got to hold your head up high, eyaaah. yeheeyehe! Hold your head up high.

- 3rd year LIFE - one of the saddest moments in my LIFE. Owws.

♫ HUNG UP - Time goes by, so slowly

- The first Culmination of Activities of our school.

♫ MR. BRIGHTSIDE - Jealousy, turning saints into the sea, swimming through sick lullabies, choking on your alibis, but it's just a price I pay, destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes, 'coz I'm Mr. Brightside

- Il Mare Movie, and I just don't know why but for me the song fits in that Korean Movie.


Back to reality.

I'm halfway through with my Comm. 3 Informative Speech. I'm done with my topic research on my project in Nat Sci 1 (Applied Physics particularly Astronomy). I have to finish the PROBLEM SETS in Analytical Chemistry and Trigonometry today. Today's a rainy day and it's quite cold.

I haven't started my persuasive speech plan, searched for any topics in Chemistry related to Chemical Equilibrium, haven't disseminated for the topics in our Nat Sci 1 report and I'm sleepy. CRAP. I should try Nescafe's Hazelnut coffee. Good thing mom bought it weeks ago. :))



  1. That was my status message sa YM one time and it led to a new friendship:D morrison and boyd is recommended by sir jong.:)

  2. OH REALLY?? hehehe. thank GOD may chemist ako na tita. :)) bwahahha :)) pero ano na ang latest edition ni morrison and boyd ngayon? 4th ed. pa kasi sa akin and i believe that book was ages ago pa bnili. mga mid 80's ata :)) bwahahha

  3. good thing you have relatives who took up science-related courses like your tita, tito and even your mom. ako jud, wala! tae! sabaw! puro ni accounting ang mga libro diri. halos tanan man gud tao sa among angkan kay nag-take up ug accountancy or any business-related courses! ugh! i just hope na dili ko maglisod in finding the suited books for my course. hehe. new post at mine's. :D

  4. yes finally na update mo na blog mo. heehee lol :)) anyhow. lagii. actually may tito rin ako (brother ni dad) na electrical engineering graduate tapos tita ko (sister ni dad) mass com grad. heehee. diversed kumbaga :))

  5. hahaha. happy ko kay na-update na jud nako! hehehe. dili man gud ko maka-update usahay kay mugamit pa man gud si kuya si PC unya grabe pud siya kadugay mugamit. you know na, graduating pud siya sa college so i can't seem to blame him. diverse man pud me kaya lang murag tagakanan lang jud sa akong mga relatives ang accountancy. hehehe. :D

  6. HAHAHA lagiii. thesis thesis thesis. WAAAAA. :)) hahaha.kapooiii manang accountancy oie. HAHAHA lol :)) or simply dile lang jud nako siya interest :D

  7. "unfaithfuL' uiii may maremeber ako jan :) haha if you know what i mean..haha

  8. aaaah haha nice ung jingle ng cadburry ano :)

  9. grace:

    HAHAHAA. lol. ang murder weapon kay katong murag ruler na naay arms ng mga engineer... unsa gani tawag ato?? BWAHAHAHA :)))

    LAGIIII! makagutom jud siya grace! bwahahaha :)) lol

  10. same ta renz! well, i like economics but accountancy? hell not! hahaha. :D

  11. hoy! hindi matatapatan ng hamak na curly tops ang cadbury!

    and what's a habal-habal?.. and OMG.. we share the same dilemma when it comes to the oh-so time-consuming hair rituals.. it takes me 30 minutes. mas mabilis pa 'kong maligo.. gawwd..

    have fun with the speech thingy! tell me how it goes, okie dokz? au revoir! :*