Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I still have 31 hours and 28 minutes left on my Kiosk account. God. I do have an internet access at home and I'm only 10 minutes away from my crib so it's quite useless and pointless for me to consume the entire 31 hours of my free internet access here in school. I guess it would be nice to share my account to my classmates (they're also my friends, obviously) who live outside Davao City. Haha. Oh, I guess acting like Santa in my own little way wouldn't be that difficult. Let's share something but wait, today's not Christmas but for me, every day is Christmas. Whatever.


So yeah, I woke up late again and as the usual ritual goes, I skipped breakfast, drank my cold frappe, and left my house at 8:25 am. I arrived on school at approximately 8:40 am. I'm almost 10 minutes late for my Chem 17 class. So I ran to our room and I was quite scared because the door was closed. Little by little I checked the door knob and HELL! It opened like a magic door! Yes. My teacher didn't locked the door for he was busy, writing some equations on the board and he even instructed me to lock the door. God. THANK GOD.

BTW. I was totally surprised and amazed to see the big improvement of our school. The former rough cement floor transformed into granite tiles! ABA ABA! Mayaman na ang UP. I mean, the school really looks like a decent university (and I only mean the physical look of the school) from its former "DESERTED FACTORY" look. Today UP Min, in terms of its facilities drastically (but not sarcastically) improves a lot and it looks better, seriously.

Last Tuesday, we again dissected a live frog for our Bio 3 Lab and this time, the queen of all queens (QUEEN PAKDAT) instructed to look, name and observe the parts of the frog's circulatory system and excretory system. I and July volunteered to dissect the frog 'coz it's been a long time since we last dissected a live frog. So we wore the appropriate gears (haha) and prepared the necessities. I have this one classmate who dissected a frog last week. Supposedly, it's should be our turn to do the easy task - kami lang dalawa. Then all of sudden, this annoying gremlin joined us. I mean yeah, it's okay for me if that freaking creature wants to be the part of the team BUT PLEASE, GIVE EVEN A SINGLE DOSE OF CHANCE TO OTHERS. Imagine, we only accomplished less than 1/3 of the operation and he did the remaining two thirds. At that time, I just controlled my temper. I'm not mad or something, I'm just annoyed by the alien's unexpected invasion. I don't care if the gremlin reads this entry. I didn't mention any names. Whatever. I just hope that our cranky fella improves his shitty attitude. OOPS. =))


Enough of those unwanted rants. ZOOT. Mikko and Yuri haven't started their speech manuscripts yet. God. GOOD LUCK !! Luckily, I managed to finish my persuasive speech last night and and I only need to finalize my informative speech. Just a few ticktocks on the keyboard and I'm finally done with these speech manuscripts. Gronky cranky.

It's quarter to two and I only have one class left - PE 2 Table Tennis. Tomorrow's gonna be a SAD Friday - Single Awareness Day. HELL. Single life's the best! WOHHOOO! Should I wear my red polo shirt or my black shirt? My classmates planned to wear a red shirt in commemoration with the Valentine's Day but the QUEEN wanted us to wear BLACK. Ano ba? Which is which? The color's quite ambiguous. Decisions, decisions. Hay. If I know, majority would wear red and only few will wear black Bwahahaha. =))

I just hope my valentine "manita" would appreciate my simple gift. I know she will :)).


  1. chaka! so meaning ani, maabtan nako ang uber na ka improve na UP! yey! hahaha. correction, tomorrows Thursday not Friday! hahaha. hell yeah! single's life is the best! :D

  2. agoooy. tangaa nako uyyy :))) hahahha lol. HAHAY thanks for the correction!

    palibasa excited naman gud sa field trip namo :D bhahaha. mao gi-paspasan na ang date :))

    uy uy uy. lingaw na gud ang mga improvements sa atong school! :D weee :D finals nlng imong problemahon :D

  3. doreen10:54 PM

    Mayaman na talaga ang UP. XD *bricked*

    And dissection? Been there, never been queasy.

    If I were you, I'd still use up my Kiosk minutes. Sayang eh.

    Good luck to your Valentine's Day! *cheers*

  4. kimmie10:55 PM

    Aaaaw wawa yung froooog T_T

  5. doreen:

    dissection is fun fun fun fun =)) hahahha lol.
    haay. actually may gumagmit na ng kiosk account ko aside sa 'kin. sayang kasi ehhh diba. haaay =)))

    oonga! MAYAMAN NA ANG UP! WEEEHOOOOO! :D as in. i was surprised and amazed ng makita ko ang TILES. weee. next stop: OBLATION PARK!!!! XD

  6. kimmie:

    oo nga lalo na ung part na i-paralyze mo siya. basta kawawa talaga. ung agony niya mafifeel mo talaga. awww =((. but, mas kawawa kami kung di namin i dissect ang frog. ma-singko kami niyan! WAAAA =)) it's like choosing the bad side over the good side to compensate your standing. ugh. it's soooo barbaric. =(

  7. naa koy napansin. ang SMAD pud gud kay on the stage of improvement. kabalo ba ka na gi-tiles na ang half sa free area?! and gi-level na ang ground para dili na magbaha?! and naa nay 10 year plan of continuous renovation ang school?! sayang kaayo kay dili namo maabtan tanan! amazing man gud kaayo si Sr. Cathy! hahaha.

    atong school na jud bah. well yeah. ana si mommy daghan pa daw muabot na rennovations. hahaha. :D

  8. hahaha. lagiii daw. hahahy :)).

    ayyy uyyy! bweset. unta 90's pa niabot si sister cathy! AYOS LAGI SIYA NA DIRECTRESS! bweset lagi na si SONY. mamatay siya. pritohon nako iyang flowerhorn fishes, nah!

  9. super ka open minded si Sr. Cathy. the best kaayo. although naa pud siya'y kayawaan kay magfocus daw more on academics than extra curricular activities. pero all in all, ok siya. hehehe. HAPPY SAD pud! parehas lang ta ani. hahaha. :D

  10. actually. mas ganahn pa ko mag focus sa acads than extras. ambot lang. kapoi man ang extra oie. hahahah lol. mao na ang nag pa pulldown sa akua into the 7th merit spot tung graduation. pistiiii. sayang kaayo :(

  11. ok lang na uie. at least diba na-merit pa ka kaysa wala. hehehe. siguro ang acads ang mka-pull down sa akoa. opposites kaayo ta. hehehe. mas ganahan pa man gud ko mag-extra. hehehe. :D

  12. laGIIIII :D at least. hahay. kim. FIELD TRIP NA NAMO UGMA!!!! WEEEE :)))) hahahaha lol. kinda excited na nga ehhhh =)))

  13. kami kay prom na namo! hahaha. medyo excited lang. unlike tung 3rd year na excited kaayo ko! hahaha. well, let's all enjoy the activities for this day! :D

  14. haLaaa! nagbLack baia ko 2ng friday ky ambot ngano. hahah! ö btaw, singLes ruLe. huh?! hahah! ö congratz sa admin, tiLed na jud xa soon. ü

  15. hhaaha. lagii gevz. maayo nigwapo na ang admin bldg. WEEEHOOO! hahahah lol. ngeeee. nagblack ka tung friday? wala lang. init man gud kaayo ang black. wahahahha =]]