Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nostalgic Heart

14 Feb 2007 was the crappiest Valentine's Day that I had ever experienced. Why? Simply because I got sick on that day. I had a fever accompanied by sinusitis which causes excruciating and agonizing pain on to my cranial region down to my nasal cavities. Crap. I didn't witness those sweet nothing moments of my former classmates. Whatever. I don't care.

But this year's Valentine's was indeed the most memorable one. On the week before the "big day", we had decided to share our blessings this Valentine's Day. So, more or less, we're giving chocolates, ferrero rochers, cards and a whole lot more. We randomly selected the names of our classmates and I picked July's name. Not bad. She's not that materialistic. So I decided to make a simple gift to her. I wrote a lengthy letter plus I decorated it for the sake that it wouldn't looked so plain. I was so happy when she told me that she liked my simple gift. THANK YOU. =))

I had no idea kung sino ang nakabunot sa akin. But when the gift-giving session started, Aiai walked towards me and she gave the gift to me. It was a box FULL OF CHOCOLATES AND SWEETS. I was totally surprised by her gift. Thank you Ai! So almost all of us got chocolates for this year's Valentine's Day. I really enjoyed our idea. Hahaha. So we ended up munching with our chocolates during our Nat Sci 1 class. Waaahaaa.

Oh yeah. We didn't dissected any frogs last Thursday on our Bio 3 Lab class and on that day, it was quite difficult to catch any frogs since it was raining so hard on that day. Armed with four digicams and one crazy, witty and ecstatic Bio 3 Lab teacher, we decided to have our photo shoot in the lab instead of conducting experiment 13 and 14. For two straight hours, all we did was to pose, smile like those supermodels on TV, and so much more.

Being single this Valentine's is not that bad. Even if I haven't had any serious relationship since birth (LITERALLY, and yes, I mean it), I still enjoyed the Heart's Day. I truly believe that LOVE is correlated with patience. I do believe in destiny and somehow I will experience that feeling in the near future.

I'll wait, just wait for her grand entourage on to my life. =)


  1. yummy yummy chocolates :D hahahha :D

  2. kimmie10:41 PM

    wheee new layout :)

  3. so true.

    choco mucho! i'm eating one right now. :DD i didn't get much chocolates last valentines day, though. just flowers. lots of them. which kinda sucks cause i like chocolates better. :D

    the valentines day that just passed isn't the last one, pal. there'll be more that will make bawi. uuyy. :}

  4. kimmie:

    hahahha :))) thanks kimmie. sawang-sawa na kasi ako sa puppy layout ko ehhh :D kaya ayun. ang hirap nang humanap ng matinong layout sa multiply :D GRRR.

  5. nidge:

    nyahahaha =]] lol. hahah. diba sa bible pa nidgeyy, love is patient love is kind blahblahblah. :D

  6. nidge2:54 PM

    "i'll wait"

    then you're prolly a good example of love. hahaha. it's in 1 corinthians 13:4, btw. :D

    "love never fails." - 1 Corin. 13:8 .. oha? :}

  7. hahahha :))) diba?? love can't be rushed, and so as Art. ngek. aba aba. memorize mo ata ang bible! hahaha :D

  8. Waw ang daminng chocolatesss. Haha. Kung pwede ko lang kunin from the screen, kinuha ko na. LOL.

    My Valentine's isn't so bad either. And besides, Valentine's isn't just for couples. It's during that day when singles, like us, become aware that... well, we are single. HAHAHA. But yeah it's not so bad. Hindi talaga dapat i-rush. Same lang tayo, NBSB ako. Unlike iba, they get into relationships just because. And for the sake of having one. Oh well. Mabuhay tayo! Singles unite! Haha.

  9. HEHEHE. ur definitely right, naiinis talaga ako sa mga taong gustong pumasok sa isang relationship.. like duuuh. ready na ba kayo sa matinding responsiblity?!!! hahay, oo nga mabuhay ang mga single. hahahha.