Sunday, February 17, 2008


At long last. This day, we finally had our first field trip in Maragusan, ComVal Province after weeks of anticipation, academic turmoil and uneasiness. It's a four-hour tiring and bumpy trip from the city proper.

BUT FIRST. Last Saturday, we planned to sleep (or just gather) at Mark's crib in Las Terrazas, a plush and luxurious village situated on the hills of Ma-a. So we planned to meet at NCCC Mall. I arrived at 5.30 pm and as I stroll and stride through the busy stalls and stores inside the mall, the entertainment plaza was filled with lots and lots of excited people. So yeah, I saw the BIG FOUR of PBB CELEBRITY SEASON 2. Actually I was watching them, well not so close from the stage while waiting for Mon, Lilaai, Lianne and Jansel's arrival. I witnessed Will and Riza's performance and it was a total disaster. GOSH. Of course, I saw the BUDOTZ of DAVAO - Ruben Gonzaga. As usual, he spilled some corny jokes which still had the power to tickle the audience, including me.

The group met at the mall's food court, ate dinner, bought some food for tomorrow's field trip and finally went to Mark's place. His crib was truly astounding. I love its architecture and most of all, the collection of paintings along the hallways and almost every corner in the house. We even took some pictures inside the house.

This is me and Lilai, inside Mark's bathroom and take note, may bathtub cr niya. Wow. =))

Receiving room - view from the staircase.

I only had 3 and a half hours sleep but the others only had TWO or LESS since they watched a movie (I think they watched No Vanancy), and the rest played Guitar Heroes. MGA ADIK! Anyhow, I woke up at quarter to four, ate a healthy breakfast, almost puked on my coffee's weird taste, and waited for our van to fetch us. It was almost 6.30 am when the convoy of van arrived, at may naslide pa na motor! Hahaha. Scene stealer.

After which, we headed straight somewhere in Pantukan, ComVal Province which is located on the other side of the region. We first went to a beach for our upclass' MCB 150 class (Microbio Ecology). It was a bright and sunny day in the beach and I took some pictures while we were on the beach.

It was almost 9.30 am when we left the area and went back to Tagum City proper and headed straight to ComVal Province. The scenery was really breathtaking as you drive through the winding roads and highways to ComVal. It was 11 am when we arrived at Nabunturan then after some miles, we turned left and it was the start of the "real ride". The road was bumpy, yes, quite similar on to Admin-CSM road but the only difference is that it's surrounded by steep hills and mountains of rock formations.

I expect that it would be a short bumpy ride. HELL, it was not a short ride - it was a very LOOOONG RIDE. Grabeh. It was like an hour and a half of butt-rodeo before we reached Maragusan. We first stopped at a certain Hot Spring Resort.

But instead we headed on further north and landed on a cool and comfortable Cold Spring Resort.

There, we did the terrestrial and aquatic transects. Unfortunately we experienced heavy downpour while conducting on our experiment. But hell, It didn't spoil our active spirit. Oh yeah, I promised to my mom that I should NOT swim on any bodies of water, and yeah, I defy the odds, and I swam the cold spring despite the cold weather that we have. We had fun, really. we finally left the place at around 5 pm and endured BUTT-ACHES during an hour and a half bumpy ride.

Ooh yeah, I brought bibingka or rice cakes from Mawab. It surely tastes GREAT.

Special thanks to MARK'S generosity and hospitality.
Thank you NEIL, AI-AI, JANSEL, MON, ATE ANGELICA and LYLE for the pictures. I'll just grab those pics soon.
Thank you MA'AM PAKDAT and MA'AM MARIE for your patience and dedication for the experiment!
Thank you INNA for your generosity sa seat kanina.
Thank you JANSEL and CHA for the umbrella.
Thank you manong driver. :))
Thank you sa lahat sa mga namigay ng food.
Thanks YURI for your PSP.
Thank you JOIE for.. uhhhm. DIBAH MAY SECRET TAYO KANINA?? Atin atin lang!
Thanks July for being the most responsible member of our group.
Thank you BRIGZ for your bibingka.
Thanks MIKKO for the pepsi.
Thank you SHEARA for the PLASTIC BAG.
For those I haven't mentioned, I OWE YOU.

So, I need to take a rest. It's still raining. I'm hungry. I'm halfway with my Chemistry report.


  1. lingaw lagi! outside the city proper na jud ang field trip! hahaha. can't wait to have these field trips soon! hahaha. :D

  2. and this is only the beginning of numerous field trippppppssss. hahaha. lingaw gud siya., mas lingaw next year kay 4 ka bio akong subjects. i expect intermediate botany and earth science to have the most number of field trips :D hahahah =]].

    hmmm.. feel nako wala pa kay field trip 1st sem.. kay wala man sad ko.. mga 2nd sem pa :D

  3. joiesheen10:32 PM

    thank u din renz at ikaw lng and ung ilang pipol lng ang witness ko. hehehe

    anyways, lingaw jud bitaw ang atong fieldtrip! yeah! kng wla lng ang rocky road. hahaha flavor ng ice cream?

  4. SUS mo lang. an hour and a half of butt-sickness. dile na motion sickness. BITAAAW. pero enjoy to the max.

    NGYEEEK joie wala ghapon ka kagetover sa ice creammmm???? EEEK. gi-luod na ko. SWEAR. hahahahha =))))

  5. joiesheen11:20 PM

    hahaha!! ako pud! dugay2x pa bago ko makakaon usab ug ice cream. hahahaha mao cgurp ni ang reason mejo nalain ang akong tingog. =P

  6. atiiik.??? same namog tingog ni leizel??? WEEE :))) parehas namo ni lyle. weee. mahiwaga jud ang voice ni leizel. HI LEIZEL. PEACE! nag view baya siya :)))))

  7. hahaha. tanaw sad nako wala pa. hehehe. naa na akong letter sa UP. hehehe. gusto na nako siya i-fill up eh. hahaha. :D

  8. go go go! i fill up nana siya kim! HAHAHA. pila mo per unit?? 700 per unit na ba??? :D

  9. 600 per unit gihapon ang naka-butang diri. tsk3.

  10. ooooh i c. ambi nako 700 per unit na mo :Dhehehhe