Friday, February 08, 2008


Every man's life needs RESPECT. I just damn need that 7-lettered word. Damn it. I know I've been too harsh for the past few days but hell, you just blurt out all my weaknesses. Please please, OH PLEASE. I just need some little appreciation on my accomplishments in life. It may be little or worse, useless for you but it plays a big role to my self being. Hey you, fatty scum! You're so insensitive. But I just realize that you just can't relate to my life. Damn. I don't care. Shoot. ARE YOU STRESSED? Yes. Me too. So please dad, I'm trying my best to do good not just in school but also in home. I know you can understand me and I also understand your situation. INTERPERSONAL MAELSTROM. But please, a little appreciation on my accomplishments, no matter how little it is could make my day complete. Seriously.

Tonight, I'm trying to finish my two speeches as part of my Comm 3 project - persuasive and informative speech. Good thing, my teacher picked good topics for my speeches - American Culture and its influence to the Filipino Culture (Informative speech) and Cyberbullying (Persuasive speech). Mabuti na hindi "CHANGE THE TOPIC" ang nakasulat sa topics ko. Haha.

It's the second week of February and I still had six weeks to suffer from sleep dispossession, SIX GRUELING WEEKS. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday will be celebrated earlier than last year. I think it's on third week of March, and our FINALS WEEK would be on the 24th day of March 'til the 31st day of March. May God help us.

Since the last semester, I'm planning to take the advance class in Physics 3 this summer. I'm also into Statistics. But July said that it would be difficult if I take Physics and Stat. Physics lang, buong magdamagan na yan. Lecture in the morning, and lab sessions in the afternoon. Oh dear. So yeah, If I'll take Physics this summer, it would not be a hard time for me for the next semester. But wait. I should take another subject equivalent to Physics 3, or any 3-unit subject in school. I want to take Math 26 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I). But magcoconflict din yan sa Botany 3 Lab ko. Crap. I want to take Stat 1, but the schedule posted in the school's quite ambiguous. Hay. Come what may.

I should search for any topics in Applied Physics for my Nat Sci 1. The teacher required us to make a 15-page SUMMARY report on any achievements on Applied Physics and a power point presentation on it. But he also said that he wouldn't read the 15-page summary. He's only interested in the PPT presentation. CRAP.


I would like to leave you this annoying but also funny quote made by my friends.




  1. ok lang yan renzy! this world surely is a stressful world! :d

  2. HAHAHA lagii. hahay ;(. SABAW na kaayo ko :)) lol

  3. grabe jud diay la stressful ang life sa UP noh? whew! i hope i can cope up with the stress there! hehehe. :D

  4. haaha. lol. sanayan lang yan :D