Saturday, August 08, 2009


Okay, so Happy 16th birthday to my beloved brother. Yeeee.

Also, Happy 20th birthday, Carlo Castillo! Weeee.


Last week, I just turned 19. Nothing had changed within my physical looks or in my behavior. In just the same me. But anyway the point is, I wish for eternal happiness despite those unexpected things.

Okay, there are so many things in my mind right now - thesis, experimental design of my thesis, the never-ending saga in laboratory reports, surprise quizzes, long exams, origin-insertion-action of the muscular system of Felis domestica and many more. How I wish time wouldn't be that fast. How I wish. But yeah, there are so many things to consider nowadays.

Every thing in my life right now is very crucial to my future.

Tomorrow, my family and some close relatives will have a family outing somewhere in wilderness. I on the other hand will be at the beach not to relax but to continue with my thesis. Gaaaah. Good thing I have already been to that place. O___O Also, the reason is almost the same on why I don't update my multiply site. You know, I really miss my bffs here in multiply. Hahaha. Original online buddies, per se. :))

Some random thoughts...

Speaking of school, we already have killed two cats. Wanna know the reason? It's quite silly actually. The first batch of cats were infested by those pesky fat-assed maggots. We forgot to submerge it in a 37% formaldehyde solution. Tae. Plus the smell was really... UGGGHHH... pungent. We can still smell that.. ugghhh.. pungent smell of rotting flesh as far as 50 meters! Ewww. Now I have goosebumps. Yuck talaga.

Convenience Stores are so... uhmm... convenient. Last Friday I went to the convenience to buy my own toothbrush, because it's been ages since my last replacement of it. YAAAKKK. Hahaha. So I grab a cool lookin' Oral B toothbrush. I thought it cost 20 pesos. I gave the cashier 50 pesos and she said something. Worse, iba yung pagkarinig ko sa kanya (maybe brought about by stress).

I thought she said "May 16 pesos ka lang sir?"
I replied sternly: "Miss, 50 lang pera ko..."
"Sir, 60 pesos kasi toothbrush mo"
"Ay...Ganon, Hehe. Eto oh (binigay ang exact amount)"

Tae, nawala tuloy ako sa budget nang dahil sa isang toothbrush. But yeah, it was worth it, since I have forced my old toothbrush to extend its life about a hundred times. HAHAHA. Kidding.

So yeah, it's quite unusual to blog early in the morning. Hehehehe.

The geek is about to sign off. Stay tuned.

Teehee! =)

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