Thursday, August 13, 2009


So yeah I went home at around 9.50 in the evening and after finishing my dinner, I started reviewing for my exam in Molecular Biology. For three straight hours, I had an undisturbed stance and started to understand those molecular bio terms, concepts and applications. But heck, around 2 in the morning, I started to feel groggy. Drinking coffee won't have an effect on me because God-only-knows-why I'm already immune with caffeine. It would be useless.

So I resort in a desperate act, write the outline of the reports (I won't print those reports since I'm saving the ink of my printer) even if I did not understand it.

Then my mind still wanted to work but my body can't. So I slept in front of my laptop and woke up at around 5 in the morning. I went immediately to my room and slept again.

When I woke up at around 10.30, I received one message in my cellphone, and I thought it was a nonsense group message again.

But then again, that message cured my insanity.

"BIO101 classmates, exam canceled, we'll have our exam this Tuesday nalang. Pls pass"

Hayyyyyyy. First time 'to nangyari sa buhay ko. Lingaw.


Snooze or work. The mind is willing but the body is half-dead. :(

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