Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Latin Universe 2009

What's new? Venezuela once again ruled this year's Miss Universe. Like duh, they are always on the Top 15, at least. Last year, it was Venezuela who ruled the whole universe. Today, it is still Venezuela. What the _____.

Okay, I'm quite bitter with regards to the result of the "prestigious" beauty contest in the whole universe. Surprisingly, there were no Asian finalists. I was really hoping... ah, no! EXPECTING that Pamela Bianca Manalo will be at least on the Top 15 list. But no... Again, there were no Asians. Surprisingly, Miss Indonesia was pretty. And Philippines didn't win the Miss Photogenic title, it was Miss Thailand who earned that special award. China, is still the Miss Congeniality. Oooh, I think Chinese people were, uhhm, friendly? I think. Nahahaha Kidding.

But on a serious note, the show was not that good. I mean, who could imagine that the guest performers were Flo Rida et al. Apparently, there are more artists who deserves more than Flo Rida. Sorry for Flo Rida fans out there, but I don't think he's the right artist to be on that show. I just find him, uhmm, inappropriate. Peace!

But let's move on to the brighter side. I think in my own opinion, Australia and Sweden have a big chance to win the Miss Universe title this year. But yeah, it was the decision of twelve judges. But I find Rachael Finch (Australia) and Renate Cerljen (Sweden) prettier than Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela.

Rachael Finch of Australia

Renate Cerljen of Sweden

Oh well, better luck next year. SHEEEESH.
I just abhor Donald Trump. HAHAHAHA

That's all.

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