Saturday, August 29, 2009

We'll keep on Fighting 'til the END

For almost two months, we have endured those black and blue bruises on our knees and hips.
We have sacrificed our time just to practice our routine and dance steps.

Our 300 pesos went to heaven. :(
Sleepless nights.
Academic works were almost compromised, but thank God we still made it to the top.
Lots of things were considered.
Got sick.
Lost someone close to our hearts.
The laughs, the tears, and the joys we have experienced.
The palm plant who have lost all of its seeds due to our "excitement".
The "initiation" process.
The Mommy jeep.
The never-ending "Kaon ta sa Jao Kiks" and "Guys, kita lang ta sa Siopao Factory ha?"
The accidents brought about by the almost impossible stunts, yet we performed it perfectly during the performance day.

Oh yes, lots of memories were stored in my mind. I didn't regret of joining BS Bio PEP SQUAD. It was all worth it.

To my BIOS Family - Congratulations!!! We had another triumphant victory!!!

Sa uulitin! :))

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