Friday, January 18, 2008

Round One - FIGHT

Distant rumble of thunder could be heard from an approaching cumulonimbus clouds located at North of East. Today's Friday and STILL I shouldn't relax 'coz we will have a make-up class or lecture in our Chem 17 lec tomorrow. It sucks big time since I want to have an at least 16 hours of deep slumber for even just ONE DAY. I really need to sleep. LOTS AND LOTS OF SLEEP! But wait, I shouldn't. I should drink more and more and more COFFEE to compromise the second part of the hell week. Whatever.

I had gone through series of dilemmas, surging mood swings and emotions and grueling sleep deprivation.

So okay. The First Round of the infamous Bloodshed week had officially ended its term yesterday afternoon. Cheers. Well, as of today, I only acquired one result from our scheduled exams this week. First, I got a good 106.5/120 score in our Chem 17 Lab. 88.75%'s not bad. :)) Congrats to Mikko for making it to the top. He got an almost perfect score, which is 116/120. Wow! Waaa. Ba't mo narinig ang RESONANCE ni Sheara? To think I sat near the door, where you overheard Sheara's noisy conversation with YURI. Uggh. I need to fix my ears. What if mag e-ENT nalang ako instead of Neurology? Naks. It's quite ironic kung mag i-ENT ako. Hahaha.

And I'm quite anxious to the result of my Comm 3 long exam. May God bless my soul. Whoever's the highest should TREAT US big Chupachups LOLLIPOP. Yung tag trenta sa convenience ha! Wag yung tag-piso from Ate Sabing's :)).

Well, if you had read my previous post, entitled YELLOW SUBMARINE you'll wonder if I found the yellow chemistry lab report. YES. You've heard me. I FOUND IT IN THE LIBRARY. Well it goes like this.

When the clock struck at 1000 hour, I immediately flew to the Library hoping that I could still locate it. So I went inside the library, and I first went to the shelves where people place there bags and folders before entering the main library. I frantically rummaged through the long shelves and I failed to locate it. So I went to the other side of the library and asked the Librarian. She didn't knew if a yellow thing notebook was left in the library last Wednesday afternoon. So I went back to the shelves and I felt hopeless and desperate at that time.

So I thought of the the third and final plan if ever I can't locate the yellow notebook - to accept that I'm an ass, an idiot ass.

I went to the guard and desperately asked if he saw anything, again the yellow notebook. He just gave a disapproving nod in front of my weary and anxious stricken face. So I frenetically went back to the Chem Laboratory and remained silent for almost 15 minutes. I felt like parang namatayan ako ng isang miyembro ng mahal ko sa buhay. Grabe. During the first part of the expeiment, I went back to the library and asked the "other librarian". I asked:

"Uhm, excuse me kuya, may nakita po kayong yellow na filler ng binder na may title na chem 17 Lab Even numbered reports tas maninpis lang po siya??" (I just gave him the exact details due to desperation).

He just gave me a SMILE, opened his DRAWER and withdrew something that's YELLOWISH. Yes, it was the thing that I desperately want to hold since yesterday. It cost almost half of my life, literally. He even joked at me: "MAY BAYAD TO HA? Hehehehe". So I gave him a million thank yous, salamats, arigatos, kansamedas and etc.

YES. I found it. I was so happy that I sang a happy tune for almost an hour during our eighth experiment. I was relieved when I found it. I was right, it was indeed in the library. I left it last Wednesday UNCONSCIOUSLY.

On Thursday, we didn't have any classes on Nat. Sci 1 and Bio 3 so, I was almost FREE in the whole Thursday afternoon. After we took the exam on Comm.3, we managed to finished the exam in just 10 minutes (kami lang mga Bio students) and according to Princess, one freshman student from BS ABE (Agribusiness Economics) commented on our early departure from room 105. He said, "SHIT MANING MGA BIO UIE!!"

Haahaa. We just laughed at it since the exam was only of true or false and enumeration. If you don't know the answer, then definitely 'di ka talaga maka-answer especially sa enumeration. Sa first part, pwede ka pang manghula since the probability of getting a correct answer is 50%. Hahay. Sana makachamba lang ako. After this, we headed straight to OBLE'S Lovely GARDEN and sat down in the grass (despite its dampness and the abundance of MAKAHIYA GRASS [ouch!]) and made some kwentuhans and laugh trips out there.

We decided na pupunta kami sa McDo at SM but first, we have to give way on Mark, Ralph and Yuri's addiction - TABLE TENNIS. So we acted like an intruders and invaded one class in HKC. So yeah, I didn't played TT since I was not on the mood to play. So we just watched the THREE of them and they just kept on saying this "sirang plaka statement": WAIT LANG, 5 MINUTES LANG!

Huh? 5 minutes? Are you sure Mark? Hahaha. We're actually bored on watching you and all we want to do was to leave the HKC immediately and go to McDo as soon as possible. To answer the nature of boredom, Me, Cha and Sheara took several pictures together with YURI. So here's a sample:

Oh yeah. Yuri, you're a trying hard EMO. Hindi ka bagay. :)) bwaahaha.

We went back to the CHSS building and Sheara noticed that Princess' kissing pig key chain was lost. So she hurriedly went back to the HKC Building. FYI, if you want to go to the HKC (Human Kinetics Center), you need to cross vast and infinite meadows of grass, well similar to the scenes from SPRING WALTZ. Along the way she came across with this certain guy and he's holding the kissing piggy key chain.

Boy (codename: I LOVE YOU SO): Sa iyo to?
Princess: Uhhm. Yes. uie salamat ha! :D

Hahaha. Parang nag-ala SPRING WALTZ ang eksena. UUUY. KILIG. Speaking of Spring Waltz, Spring Waltz is the latest codename of a certain person whom we HATED most in our class. He or She's not our coursemate. Taga ibang course siya but kasabay namin siya sa isang major subject. We just hated him slash her because of a certain reason. CURIOUS? SECREEETO!

Finally, we went to McDo and para makabawi si Mark sa aming paghihintay sa kanya, he bought tons and tons of large fries. WEE.

And we ate and ate and ate until our bottomless stomachs were satisfied.

After McDo, we headed straight to the World of Fun, played some arcade games there, and they even tried the Dance Maniax.

UNEXPECTEDLY, we came across with the former DEAN of CSM - Dean Obsioma! Bwahaha. We just greeted him with hellos and good evenings. Sayang di ako nakapagpicture sa kanya. I consider him as the MOST EMO Dean of UP. Nyahaha.

Next stop, I had to start with the comprehensive Chemistry LAB REPORT due on Wednesday. Exam on Biodiversity and Nat. Sci 1 would be this Tuesday and the 2nd long exam on Math 14 would be this Thursday.

It's going to be a LOOONG WEEK in the next few days. Again and again I would like to splurge myself on cold frappe. So far so good.

And I just hate this when my brother becomes so impatient whenever he wants to use the PC. As if it's an important matter. Sheesh.


  1. renz! lingaw jud siguro ang UP life noh?! hahaha. murag gusto na jud kaayo ko mag-UP! pramis! you and jai really convinced me that it's really a once in a lifetime experience. i'm not sure pa man din. i'll still consider what my parents will tell me. just wait for my further announcement of what my decision will be. hehe. :))

    btw, ask lang ko, ayos ba ang dorm sa UP? kay if ever mag UP ko, i'll stay in the dorm. mabuhi kaya ko didto? wahahaha. ug if ever mangailangan ko ug help from the cyberworld, naa bay mga facilities sa UP na maka-cater sa akong needs to visit the cyberworld? haha. nagpaliang adik mag-net. haha. daghan na ayo ko ug pangutana. naa pa. classmates ba mo tanan bio students? and last, pila ang student population sa UP as of now? haha. sorry daghan ayo ko ug pangutana. curious lang. sorry pud kung taas kaayo ni. haha.

    god luck sa second round sa bloodshed! mabuhay ang mga ISKO! :))

  2. lingaw ang LIFE sa UP. as in. haha.

    okay.. ang DORM? hmmm. ok lang man. tolerable pa nman ang place. hehehe :)) and super strict. alagang alaga jud ka didto. SECURED ka talga. though kailangan ng kaunting ingat lng coz naay incidents ng kawat2x thingy.

    then internet connection?

    naay WIFI ang UP. ambot lang murag wala ata kay gi-ayo. may KIOSK computer station sa admin bldg, which may libreng 20 hrs per sem.. TOFI na eh. tapos meron din sa DORM, ILC and GE rooms. meron din sa CSM (kanluran), sa computer room. almost every corners ng university, accessible via the world wide web.

    about sa population? hmmm. estimate ko is roughly 1000 plus. di ako sure. basta sure akong aabot tayo sa thousand digit and STILL GROWING. hahah.

    hahah thanks. goodluck jud ang drama ani.

  3. renz.. up min ka ba??

  4. i think its final. mag-UP na jud ko. ask sa nako akong parents sa ilang comments. gonna tell you what they said soon! :D

  5. weeehhooh! :)) im excited na talaga KIM! weeee. :)) another marisian in UP. weehoh. tapos si MAYE?

  6. louis jordan11:02 PM

    ana si mikki way chalenj ang exam sa ah3.

  7. wala bitaw :)) kami gani ang pinakauna nahuman. after 15 minutes. HAHAHA. very elementary and objective kaayo ang exam :D

  8. louis jordan11:15 PM

    FEELER!hahaha!wa man puy challenge ang mcb na exam!very hiskul kay puro kopyahanay mi.hahaha.

  9. wala lang.lingaw man gud mga taga UP :D

  10. jordan:

    waa. unfair, EXPELLED na mo oie! hahha lol. well well well. i already missed that highschool thing.. ang mangopya sa EXAM!!!!! >:))

  11. grace:

    sus lingaw mo lang. ang boses ng masa. hahaha lol. san ka magcollege grace? :D

  12. kenneth2:21 PM

    *well... thnx mr. csm lib clerk (his name is mr. diaz, i think) for finding that ntebook of urs.

    *glad ur first bloodshedding came to sccess (much quite)... :-) i'm glad 4 u. well, feb is approaching... prepare. :-D

    gud luck...

  13. anung prepare?? eh hanggang feb ang bloodshed week namin.

  14. kenneth8:16 PM

    prepare gud sa more blood na mashe-shed... toinkz! darating na FINALS week na maaaring mawawala nang tuluyan ang dugo natin (i mean, NATIN) sa kaka-bloodshed.
    I mean it, bloodshedding is a trend here in UP, u know.

  15. bwahahha nice. and we're getting USE to it nah. sa masanay lang :D

  16. louis jordan12:26 AM

    expelled?kami?HAHAHAHA.TALK TO MY EFFING HAND!better yet, isumbong mi sa imong owsy-dowsy-goody-two-shoes-slash-favorite-teacher-na-walang-iba-kundi-si-madam-chancy.hahahahahaha.tik lang maam.ayaw na kay basig matangal ang istifap!

  17. na! nabuang na kung matanggal ang eesteepap! bwahahha :)) duuh uie.

  18. hi! im tiara. =) taga-upmin sad. link exchange?