Thursday, January 31, 2008


Wednesday. January 30.

Hahay. Grabeh. It was his boink-day. You know what I mean? Boink day. Beer day. Kaarawan. So we waited for him. Oh by the way, some of our classmates CRAMMED for the "unannounced assignment", that is to answer 8 questions of the problem set given by our lecturer. Good thing I answered that problem set the night before our the lecture. God. They crammed and I compared my answers to July and Mikko. Yey! We got the same answer. Too bad. 15 minutes had passed and we should start to pack our things and leave the classroom. UNIVERSITY RULE po. No need to elaborate that rule. The birthday celebrant didn't came yesterday. But the HELL I CARE.

And yeah. The day before yesterday, I got my result in Math 14. Weee. A sweet 95%. Hahaha. And I just love logarithms. LOG LOG LOG. Right now, I'm enjoying TRIGONOMETRY. Let's reminisce MA'AM BULADACO (My Trigo and Calculus teacher in highschool). Huwaaaat.

So by Thursday, we only had one exam left, which is Bio 3 Lab, and it's a MOVING EXAM. The exam was quite easy and my favorite part of it was the BONUS PART. Imagine, the instruction of Station 16 was this:

"Look for an upclass in BS BIO and let them sign or autograph your test paper. After that, spell BIODIVERSITY using your own BUTT."

I was the first one to butt-spell BIODIVERSITY since naunahan ako sa mga stations na hindi stress free. You know what I mean. So, Neil videoed MONZ while he butt-spelled BIODIVERSITY. Hahaha. If you're curious with Monz's Big BUTT "dance", just click the video link.



I think I'm 90% sure that I'll pass the moving exam. The rest of 10% is yet unknown. Expect the unexpected.

In our Nat Sci subject, we are required to report each and every topic assigned to us by Engr. Acosta. So yeah, the first reporter was Dora, Duchess, Archie and the others (I'm sorry, di ko pa kayo kilala. Hahaha) from CHSS (College of Humanities and Social Science). Having classmates from Comm. Arts really helps especially on dealing with creative and innovative way of reporting. They did a comical skit slash talk show. Grabe. We ALL laughed not because they acted silly in front of us, but the fact that they did their presentation WELL. I can't blame them for that. That's their FORTE naman eh. So ayun. We all laughed especially on DORA'S PART. GRABEEEH. She's soooo FUNNY. Even our professor laughed on the way she acted in their presentation. She got the talent of being a comedian. Giselle Sanchez Juniora. She acts in an intelligent manner. Ang classroom namin naging STAND UP comedy BAR. Hahahaha. Actually we were ALL challenged by their presentation. Damn. They're simply AWESOME.


I just learned that Alexis McCulsky will be our teacher in Organic Chem Lec and Noreenskie Fundaddy will be our Organic Chem Lab teacher. Perfect Combination, indeed.

Arrghh. Oo nga pala. We were informed by Queen Pakdat of Smackville (Ma'am Pakdat, our Bio 3 lab teacher) that our field trip will be moved on the 16th of February. NOOOOOO! Dapat sa 9th ng February! Oh dear. I don't want the field trip to be MOVED again just because of shallow reasons - eh keshyo raw magkaconflict ang schedules ng field trip ng MST6, Zoo 3, Bio 150 and MCB150 ng ibang students, ganito, ganyan. WAAA. Ayoko sa 16! Bakit? Simple lang. BLOODSHED week namin niyan and deadline yan ng lahat ng mga projects, written reports and nakatambak na ang LONG EXAMS namin niyan sa Bio 3, Chem 17, Math 14, Nat Sci 1, for sure. GREAT. =(. I just hope that sa 9 pa rin ang field trip namin.

Naku. We walked 900 meters from Kanluran to Ate Malou's and ate our merienda. As usual. We ate barbecued hot dogs, ginanggang and Ate Malou's delicious iced tea concoction with a twist of Calamansi. Yum yum. Oh yeah. I need to photocopy the prescribed book in our Nat Sci 1 so nakisali ako kay July. Module 1 to 5 lang man din. BUT HELL, ayokong magpaphotocopy kina ATE MALOU.

WHY? This is the story.

Yung dalawang assistant ni Ate Malou sa photocopy section ng tindahan niya, MASYADONG BATUGAN. AS IN! Nakaiinis and nakafufrustrate kung di nila gawin ang trabaho nila ON TIME. Kahit ganoon lang ginagawa nila, dapat they should know the basics on professionalism and work ethics. Grabeh. I thought natapos na nila so I went back to the store. Anak ng TAE, I caught them giggling habang nagtetex gamit ang isang cellphone. Fuck. I asked them if natapos na sila but hell, they were clueless about my request. So I instructed them on the pages that she'll photocopy and I just said that a girl (July) will just pick this up and she'll pay this after she finished her simple task. GRABEH. Nakabibwisit diba? Ugh. I just want TIBURCIA back on Ate Malou's photocopy business since she works FAST. Ugh. Where is she?

Hay. UP Min will attend the so called "WALK-OUT" tomorrow on 1 pm. It's the TUITION FEE HIKE again, I suppose. Below are some propaganda slash shout outs posted in our bulletin board.



I just heard that the tuition fee for the incoming freshman here in UP Min would increase up to 700 pesos PER UNIT. 600 per unit lang nga kami pero ambigat na. How much more ang 700? Kaya nga gusto ng mga kabataan mag aral sa UP since mura lang ang tuition but napakataas ng academic standard. Oh well. I just hope that this issue would be settled in the near future. Haay.

No exams for tomorrow and this would be my last post for the month of JANUARY. Weee. February na pala bukas? God.

BTW, I had this irritating conversation with my brother just moments ago.

Kapatid: Kuya, bayaran kita ng 20 pesos, answeran mo lang ang Math assignment ko (Aba demanding!).
Ako: ANONG TINGIN MO SA AKIN??! BAYARAN??! GAGO. Answeran mo pala iyan tas ichecheck ko lang kung tama?
Kapatid: Ahhhh. Ayoko. Wala akong maintindihan.

GREAT. And I just hate this kung hihintayin lang ako ng kapatid ko na matapos dito para lang anseran ang kanyang math assignment. When will he ever learn with his "witty" style? Damn it. Ang dali dali lang ng lesson nila. He's just too lazy to solve. Ugh. At bweset, sinulat lang ang mga problems sa one whole yellow paper, then he just gave the paper to me and POOF! Nasa kwarto na siya, playing his damn guitar. EEEEEEKKK.

I want just want him to LEARN the HARD WAY. I didn't underwent this kind of situation (or did I?) but I guess he'll suffer in the near future. I just hate his monkey-like behavior. Hell. TURUAN? I'm the one who faithfully answer his assignments and still, he considered that as an effective way of teaching?

God. Ugh. Crap. Please enlighten my brother, Lord God. Tabang!


  1. neerod10:09 PM

    Heh... *laughs* maayo na lang na naay field trip kaysa wala diba?


  2. kimmie10:10 PM

    Buti nga kayo 700 e kami 1000per unit. wapak. san ka pa

  3. doreen:

    lagiiiiiii! :D hahay. pero imbes ma excite na ko kay next week.. maghulat pa kog nextnext week. pistii :D hahahha lol

  4. kimmie:

    600 lang kami. hahaaha. and next year, ang incoming freshman sa dil.. 1100 na! WEEE :D

  5. kimmie10:33 PM

    OH NOOOO rally na naman itoooo

  6. HAHAY. di ako payagan sumali ng mga rally.

  7. kimmie10:48 PM

    ako rin e :))))

  8. talaga? hahahha. i tot payagan ka ng parents mo. SAYANG! di kita makita sa TV. most especially kung sa mendiola kayo mag raraly or edsa. bwahahahaha :D

  9. haba naman nito.. di ko na tinapos. yeah.. nobody really cared about that birthday. i noticed lang. playing safe!! haha.. baka may makabasa kasi ng comments ko.. gago, i know who you're talking about. i assure you it would be much better to have him in org chem. though i've only had him sa lab. and yeah, fun talaga yang mga baca na yan. haha.. classmates kami last sem, super crazy bunch.:D careful with your words sweetie, he might be reading. (you know who)haha:)) this is crazy!!

  10. hahahah lol. naka contacts naman rin ang post na to so contacts ko lang ang makabasa nito. at wala nang iba. heehee. unless may magsabi. ngyeek KJ naman. heehee. yaaah! super laughtrip kami sa mst1 kanina! pati si sir acosta. abot tenga ang smile. :D WEEEEEEEEEE :D

  11. renzy! it's final na! i'm gonna study sa UP na! hahaha.

    wala ko namroblema sa tution kay libre man ko! hahaha. wa. bloodshed na pud akong life! hahaha. lingaw lagi ng mga protest2 dira sa UP. hahaha. la lang. hehehe. tabangi me ni Maye dira ha? hehehe.

    keep me posted and good luck! :D

  12. YEHEY! kamong duha na jud?? WEEE. of course. tabangon jud nako kamo. HAHAAH lol. especially ang chem 16 kay mejo dedly baya siya. though dile na deadly inyong ma teacher. :D hahahha :D kitakitz! im sooooo excited na!

  13. ako pud renz! hahaha! :D