Thursday, January 24, 2008

Almost Through

Yah Yah. I just loooooove this week. :)))

The second part of the bloodshed week's almost through - ISANG EXAM NALANG ang i-aral ko starting today, or possibly to cram tomorrow night. Hahay. How I wish that I could score 80 and above in our second long exam, though I performed well in our previous exam in Chem 17. WEE :))

Speaking of scores, exams last Tuesday and last Thursday were finally returned this afternoon. WELL, WELL, WELL. I expected this over the weekend. I performed UNSATISFACTORILY in Comm 3. 5 points nalang and pasa na ako (and the exam was fairly easy). But Nat Sci 1, Bio 3 (and hopefully Math 14) outshined Comm 3. For the first time, I got a 3-digit score sa long exam namin. I got that in our Nat Sci 1 second long exam. Yes. 3-digits. 101/100. Lumampas pa ng 100! Haha. I was so happy when I received my precious bluebook in Nat Sci 1 because I didn't STUDY this subject. I only studied Bio 3 Lec, in which I memorized those functions and structures of a plant. Hahay. I'm not fond of plants but may tiyaga naman akong mag memorized ng mga structures ng plants. As if had a choice. So nabawi na rin ang Bio 3 ko.. at naka 75 pa ako. Double weehehe.

It was indeed an excruciating week for me.

So let's start on MONDAY, January 21, 2008.

I slept at 2 am and still, I'm not through memorizing those green and leafy terms in Bio 3. So I set an alarm, around 8.55 am to watch the Season Finale of the Amazing Race 12. Boy oh boy. The moment that I heard the alarm, I just deactivated it and continued my deep slumber. The next thing I knew, it was 9:55 am. CRAP. So, I hurriedly turned on my TV and road block na ang naabutan ko. Shyeet. Di ko nasimulan ang season finale ng AR12! Takte naman oh. Oh well. I'll watch this episode on YouTube soon. Whattabigdeal.

TUESDAY, January 22, 2008.

Camille Uy just turned 17 on this day but she didn't have a birthday bash on her crib (or meron?!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!

Oh yeah, on the contrary, that was the most stressful day so far in my college life. I mean, we had two exams on this day, Bio 3 and Nat Sci 1, plus we had a surprise quiz on Math 14, got to deal with the pre-lab report on Chem 17, had a crucial decision making with my classmates whether to attend Comm 3 or not since I haven't study my Nat Sci yet. So yeah, we decided to attend Comm 3 and I crammed during the lecture. WAAAA. I listened to the lecture then after a while, let's say kung laugh trip, that's my only time to glance at my notes in Nat Sci 1.

During the exam, I was quite confuse with some items in the multiple choice because yun nga, I didn't study at all. I don't consider cramming as studying. Wala ka talagang ma-absorb doon. Bahala na si Lord. But hell, I got a 101/100 plus I got 1.25 in the Chemistry part of Nat Sci 1. Cheers! Weeehah.

On that night, we decided to continue with our WRITTEN analytical report in our Chemistry 17 Lab. So went to Cha's house. Good thing I was almost through with my written report, but yung iba, they haven't started the report yet. There we made some kwentuhans while making the report, compared our data and observations and etc. To reduce accumulated STRESS, I played Cha's piano. Yes. ONE EFFECTIVE WAY to reduce stress. So peaceful, so serene. Oh yeah, I finished the report and went home at around quarter to midnight. Thanks Cha!

WEDNESDAY January 23, 2008.

So I slept at around 2 am and woke up at around quarter to eight. I didn't ate breakfast since I'm gonna be late for my first class, which is Chem 17 lec. I expected that we would have another surprise quiz on Molecular Bonding Theory or in IMFA. I didn't read my book. So when he said that we should prepare one whole sheet of yellow paper, I just said to myself na babawi nalang ako sa long exam. Haay. But wait. He drew something in the board - and it's quite familiar. YES. It's not an MOT thing nor IMFA. It's a Phase DIAGRAM! Yes. Hindi objective type ang quiz (but ang part 2, objective siya but it's quite easy). It's an analytic type of quiz. At last! Nakabawi na rin ako sa mga quizzes niya! I got 57/58 in his long quiz. Hahay. Thank God.

We've finally decided na hindi kami pupunta sa PE namin. We just stayed in the canteen for 3 and a half hours 'coz some of us, hindi pa natapos sa written report sa Chem 17 Lab. I just slept in the canteen for an hour.

Oo nga pala! On this day, JANSEL celebrated her 18th BIRTHDAY! Weehah! Her birthday was simple. We just played volleyball, then dodge ball, then took some pictures on her digicam. Haay. Ang saya. =))

THURSDAY, January 24, 2008.

It's our Math 14 second long exam and I just studied for only one hour. Tinatamad na eh, 'coz I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. All I need was to have a LONG, DEEP and UNDISTURBED HIBERNATION for at least 16 hours. Yes. I slept at 11 pm and woke up at 4:45 am. I just solved some problems in the book, then by 5:45 am, I slept again in the couch. The next thing I knew, it was already 8:10 am!! SHYEET! Ayokong MA-LATE! So I hurriedly went to the kitchen, drank my cold latte, took a shower for less than five minutes, then BOOM! Buti may nakatambay na HH driver malapit sa amin. Haay. A million thanks to you, manong. Good thing, the exam was, uhhm, fairly easy.

So, we finally met our new professor in Nat Sci 1 in the Physics part - no other than Engr. Joseph E. Acosta. He's intelligent, annoying and corny. Basta I got annoyed to him nung rumarampa siya sa platform. When I say rumarampa, I really mean it. He walked from the left side of the platform to the right then back to the left side, then to the right, pabalik-balik habang nagsasalita at sumakit ang ulo ko sa kanya. Grabeh. He told us na maraming paper works sa Physics part. This is the real deal. I need to cope up and adjust to the more grueling academic lifestyle of this semester. Dapat lang na masanay ako sa STRESS. :))

At nagalit pa si Engr. Acosta sa amin, keshyo raw maingay kami, ganito ganyan. Haaay. Right now, I missed Prof Jen, our teacher sa Chem part. Haaay.

Then the day passed by at hindi niya kasama si MALAS. Kilala mo ba siya? BASTA. ANG MALAS NG ARAW MO 'PAG NAKITA MO SI MALAS. Hindi tao, hindi hayop at lalong hindi multo, ngunit siya'y humahasik ng LAGIM kapag nakita mo na siya.

Yeah yeah. I missed my daily ritual which is BLOGGING. And right now, I need to start reviewing my Chemistry lesson. Next week's gonna be LIGHT, well temporary nga lang. Bio 3 Lab moving exam lang man din eh. Oh well. No more papers for this week nga lang. After a few unconscious weeks or DAYS, I'll have to struggle with grueling paper works on Comm 3 and Nat Sci 1.

Good luck. Prepare for the worst case scenario in UP. I wonder if Oble's ALIVE during midnight, well most especially kung FULL MOON. Naks.. ano toh? LOBO?! Whatever.


  1. kenneth5:03 PM

    generally, mabait daw yan si prof acosta, kahit grabe yang magbigay ng exams. maybe kaming mga comsci magiging under sa knya on our major subj nxt yr, phys 3, so, we'll see, bka hindi rin xa e, baka kay prof nilo oponda kami, mabait rin dw, kahit uber sunggo ang iyang pagbigay sa mga terms sa physics.

    sana yang dugo mong na-shed, mareplenish yan. naku. >;-/

  2. lol. waa. physics 3 na kami nex sem.. HAHA lol. ero kung offered siya this summer. mag advance class nalang ako pati stat! SANA SANA SANA! :D

  3. WAAAA. walang katapusang exams >.< hay naku

  4. kami rin, super bc. ambot nLng jud, kafoi na araL. heheh! tik Lng. :] aie oie. gudLak nLng sa atin ky sir acosta. kami pa tLaga ang pinaka.first na magreport. heheh! at Least mejo mdaLi Lng ang topic na assigned sa amin. :D

  5. ang chapter VIII ata ang pinakaEASY :)) probing the atoms. naaahh. balikbalik nasad for the Nth time around. bwhaha :)) but pinakafave ko talaga is ung IX. ASTRONOMY! WEEEEEEE :)) sus. kung naa lang applied physics sire sa UP min. kana unta akong itake. pero unsaon man. WALAY FUTURE ang physics dire sa pilipinas!! ugh.

  6. louis jordan7:47 PM

    pasa man daw ka sa inyong ah3.hahaha.

  7. kinsa ingon? like duuh. 55 kaya ko. out of 100. eek pakaulaw. arggh. cge lang. taas btaw ang uban subjects. mas dako pa man ang speeches and etc. :D

  8. good luck na lang sa ako next skul year! i hope to be as smart as you are renzy! hahaha. ana akong mama ba na kung mag-UP ko kay mag-advance daw ko dayon ug math or chem this summer. shet! total bloodshed na diay akong summer. hahaha. keep me posted! :D

  9. AHHAHAHA. mag SIT-in ka sa SBP or summer bridge program? hahha lol. GO GO GO! apil. lingaw gud nah promise kung mag SBP ka, daghan ka ma-gain ug friends thus dile na ka ma-loner pag pasukan :D

  10. iba na talaga ang buhay artista. tsk. ;)) gawwsh.. that's been a pretty tight week! pero im glad you enjoyed it.. better be busy with stuff than have idle hands, right?. the thing that happened to you last 23rd of Jan just reminded me of the hellish experiences i had with biochem. gawwd.. *nosebleed*

  11. Isang walang katapusang goodluck :))))

    Pansin ko lang, laging good luck sinasabi ko sayo :))))

  12. hi scarlet! hehehhe. i really enjoyed it since ang GANDA ng mga results ng exam ko. WEEE. bakit? ano pala nangyari sa iyo nung january 23rd? wala lang. ooo. biochem. I LOVE THAT SUBJECT :)))

  13. KIMI! hahaha

    okay lang yan at least may nag-gugoodluck sa akin. it's because nakarerelate ka sa akin. MABUHAY ang madugong lifestyle ng mga iskolar ng bayan! bwahahha :D

  14. louis jordan11:45 PM

    natulog ra man daw ka ana si mikko.

  15. mao gani nabagsak kay nakatulog sa library. pistiii. bwahahha :))