Saturday, January 05, 2008


We came back to school last January 3, 2008. And guess what? We only had TWO OFFICIAL CLASSES (AH3 or Comm3 and MST1 or Nat. Sci 1). YES, just two classes. At first, we were already informed by Prof. Novero via email that we will have no class on Bio 3. Then the next thing we knew, we also don’t have lectures on Math 14 and Bio 3 Lab. Oooh. So all we did in the whole morning was to make and complete all six Bio 3 lab exercises.

I really think that our professors celebrated NEW YEAR for three straight days. Haha.

Oh yeah, I’m quite excited for our upcoming field trip in SAMAL Island. Yeehah! Well, it’s for our 9th experiment in Bio 3 Lab. I do hope that we would have LOTS of adventures in SAMAL ISLAND.

Oooh yeah. I would like recommend this effective stress reliever: INDAY’S BLOG! Just log on to and I guarantee this antidote. It’s more effective than Stresstabs and other stress reliever capsules/tablets. NO SIDE EFFECTS. :))

I will still update my blog but not on a regular basis. You know, I have to concentrate with my academic lifestyle, mahirap na talaga ang ma-left over sa mga lectures. Ohhh my gulay.

Today's 2008 and it's the CENTENNIAL YEAR of UP!



  1. goodluck nlng sa kin.., wee :))

  2. marielle5:53 PM

    haha !! biboo !! samal !! ü may pa la nalang mo nanulod renz . ahaha . good luck !

  3. ngyeeeh. kung dile ko nanulod, nagkandarapa na ko sa mga pending lab exercises nako.! HAHAHA :)) lol. nabuang na. lingaw man sad kay cgeg laftrip and tanga moments sa school :)) tsktsk. uie bah. pasa nman jud kag UPCAT, pag up ha! para skulmates ta. haha

  4. waw! mei fieLd 3p kaio sa samaL? buti pa kaio, sa mst2 nmin dti di na2Loi. mst1 din gud ako prooo.. wLang na.menxon aming tcher abowt fieLd 3p. unper! hahahah! tik Lng. ö

  5. HAHAHAH lol. wala man atang field trip ang MST1 ! HAHAHA. mst1 din ako., under kay mam jen frontreras. ikaw? ü