Sunday, January 06, 2008

BIG Brother

No. This post is not intended for the Pinoy Big Brother, a worldwide, unparalleled, divisive and conflict-ridden television series of ABS-CBN. Just read.

Being an eldest in the family is not an easy task. I mean, you take all of those heavy responsibilities in home, in school and in your family, most especially to your younger siblings. A minor mistake would mean a disaster to us. Even if it’s our sibling’s fault, our parents often blame us. Such arduous task made me realize that being a “kuya” could be a disastrous and tiring one. I’m not complaining about my status in my family, but I just want to point out things that are crappy, especially if you deal with your younger siblings.

I consider my brother as my alter ego. He is my total opposite. We rarely talk the same language, idiomatically speaking. We often fight even for the simplest things. He’s EMO and I’m not. We don’t have any similarities on physical looks except on our figure – we’re both thin. He’s very athletic and I’m not. He abhors math and I love math. I’m quite serious with my life and HE’S NOT.

One thing for sure, we always argue on a regular basis. My mom’s getting tired of us. I’m not saying that I hate him or what, but sometimes, this mayhem can’t be avoided. I am really disappointed and frustrated with him for the past few weeks. I just observed that as he grew older, he gets more stubborn and hard headed than before.

These frustrations had led me to write something about him because I’m really tired of his behavior. Sometimes when he needs help, especially on his math assignments or simply he wants to clarify things about algebra, he would be the nicest person that I’ve ever met in this muddled planet. Sometimes, he would be very fastidious to me ‘coz makigamit siya ng cellphone ko para makatext niya ang kanyang crush and the next thing I knew he would be mean to me. Take this situation as an example. He will not allow me to use the computer because he’s still playing FREESTYLE – an online basketball game. “Wait lang beh! Pa level up muna ako” – he always said that statement to me many times in an irritable manner. Well, talking about being petulant. I just wanted to use the computer because I need to search something important for our Bio 3 Lab. I just waited for four and a half grueling hours (while doing my homework in a traditional way, that is through books) until he finished his DAILY RITUAL. Man, he’s an ADDICT. Everyday, he opts to play online games rather than studying. I just waited like a moron and I don’t want to start another disturbing fight. Sometimes, when I grumble about his addiction, he would just curse me with foul words. I want to tear his left ear lobe using his sharp earring and bind his mouth using soldering iron. But I can’t. All I can do is to control my temper. Ooooh, and I’m not playing Saint Renzy Benzy in this annoying situation. Sometimes, my brother and my mom would end up shouting and fighting because of his ruthless behavior. I also consider myself as ruthless, but I know the limitations on it. The problem is, he’s very uncontrollable but not violent (like Baron Geisler, hehehe). I could partially understand this particular behavior because he’s fourteen and he’s living in a chaotic teenage environment.

Yes. I consider myself as an imperfect brother to him because I know, I had some weaknesses. But what I am trying to point out is that he must change his behavior, well at least I could see some minor improvements on to him. I don’t hate him. I just want him to change his negative attitude. It’s already 2008 and he’s going to be fifteen this year. And I’m just afraid that he will be wilder than today. All I can do is to talk with my mom about his unusual behavior because talking to him would be unnecessary and pointless. All I want is to respect me as your older brother.

I know you can do it. Sana baguhin mo ang bad attitudes mo (ako rin). Peace.


  1. don't worry renzy, there will come a time that you two will both understand each other. ana man pud me ni kuya sauna. kaya lang opposite sa inyuha, ako ang tarong, siya ang dili. hehehe. pero karon less fights na me. as you grow older, mas mag-ok inyo relationships. we both understand each other na. and i hope na this year, you two can both understand each other. well, good luck to both of you! :D

  2. lagee kim. thanks! :)) hopefully magkasinabtanay na mi :))

  3. kimmie4:09 PM

    And now I began to think if I'm a good ate to my younger brother :))))

    Everyday, he opts to play online games rather than studying. - Oh we share the sentiments right there. My brother doesn't even open his books, for crap's sake. :)))) And being the ate, I take the responsibility of constantly nagging at him to study. Now I feel pathetic. :))))

  4. haaay. kung saan sila masaya, e di suportahan nlng natin sila! hahaha lol.

  5. marielle4:11 PM

    kuya talaga ang asta ng post na `to. mabuhay ang mga panganay !! ü

  6. HAHAHA. eldest pud baya ka ha :)) lol. mabuhay talaga ang mga panganay. CHEERS!

  7. alrik4:11 PM

    haha k ra na cguro wala pa niya narealize kung unsa kalisud ang life cguro soon machnge na iyang perception towards things

  8. jaimelynn4:12 PM

    shet! i can totally relat to your post!!! same here with my brother.. so freakin' immature! yet, they have to learn about life the hard way..

  9. alrik:

    lageee. i do hope he'll change for good. HAHAHA =)) thanks

  10. someday jai.. someday. =]] i know they'll venture different difficulties of life :))

  11. jaimelynn10:33 PM

    they better be ore else! (ngak! panakot?!)

  12. aww.. same thing goes for moi. pareho tayong big brothers (hindi nga lang ako literally "brother") and our lil siblings have the same attitude towards us. well, in my case before. you know what? you have to be TOUGH. as in. feeling kase siguro ng kapatid moh, he's over you, or magka-edad lang kayo.. teach him a lesson.

    be brutal if you must (pero not to the point that you're slaughtering him na), para lang maipalam moh sa kanya na u have more authority than he does. hindi naman kelangang forever moh xang sisigawan oh papagalitan (kase nga naman he's 14 na). once he gets the gist of it, madadala narin yang kapatid moh.. you deserve some respect from him. make him learn that lesson.

    payo koh lang yan ah.. it's in my nature kase, being dominant. pero if you're not like that, im sure you'll find ways on how to interact with your brother in a peaceful way. ;) gud lak sayo! :D

  13. thanks scarlet. hahhaa. hay naku. feeling kasi yun. akala niya siya ang mas matanda sa akin. bahala siya. kung ganon talaga siya.. all i need is to respect me as his kuya. hahhaa. :))

  14. muning2:56 PM

    pagpasensyahan mu na lang, dude. haha. magandang exercise sa patience yan. hindi na talaga ata maiaalis ang pagka-dependent ng mga siblings sa mga ate/kuya nila... ganyan din ang kwento namin ng lil sis ko noon, pero ngayon hindi na, hehe... goodluck, big brother!