Friday, January 11, 2008



in English: Thank God it's Friday.
in Tagalog: Hay salamat sa Poong Maykapal at Biyernes na.


So yeah we had a final schedule for our midterm exams, and I promise to myself that I will perform better than the previous exams (though the results were GOOD, except for one. Just don't ask.)

January 16, 2008 (Wednesday) 2.30-4.30 pm - Chem 17 Lab 1st long exam
January 17, 2008 (Thursday) 2.30 - 4:00 pm - Comm 3 (AH3) Departmental Midterm Exam
January 22, 2008 (Tuesday) 4:00 - 5:30 pm Nat. Sci 1 (MST1) 2nd Long Exam
January 22, 2008 (Tuesday) 1:00 - 2:30 pm - Bio 3 Lec 2nd Long Exam - plant part
January (3rd week-4th week)* - Math 14 - 2nd Long Exam
January (3rd week-4th week)* - Chem 17 Lec 2nd Long Exam
January (3rd week-4th week)* - Bio 3 Lab MOVING Exam

[* - subject to prior change]

Let's do simple math, shall we?

Lab reports to answer, plus grueling assignments, plus surprise quizzes, divided by 24 hours, multiply by the number of neurons present in my brain, minus by the number of hours of my SLEEP, plus the number of hours of mere consciousness, minus the price of bluebooks, minus the ink of my gtec, plus the number of coffees that I had drank since last week


Yes. A zombie. WHY? Well. Just take a look on my simple equation. It results to dreadful eye bags, heavy eyes, freaky DIET, nosebleed, blood dripping from my nose, ears, mouth, eyes (eew), sleep deprivation and most of all, MENTAL INSANITY. Crazy. Baliw. Buang. Sha-gue.

Oh yeah, our planned field trip to Camuigin was canceled due to the stern decision of our Dean. He had the point though but hopefully the place would be outside DAVAO CITY. Yeehee.

Haay. This is the REAL Life. Things are getting tougher than last sem and it would get harder next year and the following year, and the year after the following year until I reached the Med school. Oh yeah. So, again and again, I would like to reiterate this to myself that CRAMMING and PROCRASTINATING are subtle forms of BAD HABIT - not a GOOD ONE which I formerly believed way back in high school.

Back in our PE class, about 9 hours ago, I checked my weight and guess what?! I DECREASED BY ALMOST 6 POUNDS! Damn it. Last sembreak, I weighed a good 107.5 lbs., and now? I'm only 102 lbs. God. I wish that I could still manage to weigh a little more than a hundred ten, but because of accumulated stress, that would be way TOO IMPOSSIBLE :(. So I once played Table Tennis and I already proved to myself that I am a CERTIFIED JAR-HEAD. Jar head. In tagalog or bisaya - BANGA. Such a crappy loser whothinksheknowshowtoplaytabletennisbutinfacthedoesnot thing. Hahaha. But at least I had a two hours session of physical exercise good for at least twice a week. HAHAHA. Out of seven games, I only had two WINS and 5 LOSES. Hahaha. I just laugh at this because I really ENJOYED table tennis despite of the numerous number of loses.

When I got home around 5pm (and it was drizzling moderately hard enough to categorized it as a light rain), I was playing the piano to relieve my mental stress when my mom, dad and brother arrived. They brought something important.

A wall clock for my room. Para maging PRANING SA ORAS.

DONUTS. yumyum.

MILK TEA - an answer to my stressful day

Even how stressful UP is, I still love Oble's academic institution. It is the place where young and bright minds meet on a chaotic and entropic environment. UP will always be UP. BTW, before I end this post, let me leave you a song entitled: UP ANG GALING MO sang by the UP Centennial Band. Promise, LSS to lalo na kung ika'y taga UP :))

please click the play button.

Narito kami [nagpupugay]
Sa [unibersidad] ng aming buhay
[Ikaw] pa rin ang [binabalikan]
‘Di pa rin malilimutan
[Ikaw ang UP naming mahal]

Salamat sa iyong mga [guro]
Salamat sa inyong pagtuturo
Taglay niyo ang kahusayan
Taglay niyo ang karunungan
Hinubog niyo kami sa kabutihan

Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Kaya’t kami sumasaludo
[UP ang galing mo!]
UP ang galing mo!

[Wala nang iba pang maihahambing]
Sa [talino] mo’t [angking galing]
Daanin man sa siyensya
Hi-tech man o kahit ano pa
Ikaw UP ang [nangunguna]

Sa iyong mga dugo ang kasaysayan
Dumaloy sa [pag-unlad] ng ating bayan
Sagisag ka ng kagitingan
Bandila ka ng kalayaan
Pag-asa ka ng mamamayan

Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo!
UP ang galing mo!

Sandaang taon na tayo
Dangal ka ng Pilipino
Sentro ka ng pagbabago
UP ang galing mo!

Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo!
UP ang galing mo!

Hopefully I could still manage to survive the so-called "HELL WEEK". Au revoir. Good luck to ALL OF US.


  1. haLa! gudLak sa heLL weeks. tsk! hirap oie. sLeepLess nights na nman. waaah! ö gus2 ko gud ang kanta. gaLing! idoL ko tLaga ang ating skuL bah, proud to beLong in up. heheh! ü

  2. waaaaa. lagiiii! :D uggh. wala tayong magagawa, eh UP eh. HAHAHHA :))

  3. kimmie5:50 PM

    Naiinis ako,feeling ko mababa grade ko sa first LE ko sa Econ101. Sobrang sumasama loob koooo. Bakit ba ako nag-Ecoooon. Why, oh whyyyyy!

    Shet kelan ba midterms week? :)))))

  4. grace5:51 PM

    i love milktea.. :) sobra.

  5. BWAHAHAHA. cguro this tuesday na ata. WAAAA. =(

  6. grace:

    lami noh?? waaaa. maka adik. naa nasad koy partner aside sa cold frap pag magpuyatan ko :))

  7. louis jordan12:25 AM

    ok.habang ngapaminaw ko sa kanta kay ngapanindug akong balahibo.scary.

    UP ang galing mo?'

  8. louis jordan12:25 AM

    naa diay midterm exams ang up.di nko matake.

  9. lingaw man. it makes you feel na proud peyups ka :))

  10. hahahah midterms kuno. murag everyday nman ta naga exam ever since katong 1st sem :p