Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The V Doohickey and the S Thingamajig

Warning. This post may not be written in a chronological manner since the author's mind had been entropic since last week.

V for Vendetta. S for Shitlord. Oops.

Well, V stands for Vices and S stands for Studies.

Oh yeah. HELLO PHILIPPINES AND HELLO MILKY WAY! I'm back. It was really a grueling week for me since HELL WEEK officially started last TUESDAY. Haay naku. We had to deal with tremendous workloads and yeah, next week would be bloodier and the week after next week would be the bloodiest, if not mistaken. Imagine next week, we had 4 exams to take and worse, on January 22, Tuesday, we had 3 exams scheduled on this day. Originally, it was only Bio 3 and Nat Sci 1 scheduled for their respective second long exams on this day until nakisinggit ang Math 14 of Sir Tecson. Grrr. Oh well, since lessons in Math 14 were not that hard, so the class opt to have an exam this Tuesday. If we move the exam by next Thursday, then the coverage would be longer. Gulay.

Oh yeah. I usually wake up at 7 am and as the day progressed, I become lazier than the usual day, got up at almost 8 am (everyday my first class is 8.30 am) and shivered whenever I took the shower. It's all because of the DAMN WEATHER. You could always imagine that at 7 am, it's still DARK, cold and yes, you've guessed it right, ang sarap ng feeling mo sa bed and nakatatamad kung bumangon. Hay naku. And I fervently wish that it would not rain every morning since I always took HH (Habal-habal or motorcycle) as my mode of transportation everytime I go to school. I don't want to get WET and WILD when I arrived at school. Sheesh.

As a child, I always ask mom kung kailan na ako pwedeng uminom ng coffee. She ALWAYS replied this statement, all over again: "BASTA, 'pag malaki ka na at may trabaho ka na". I was 4 or 5 years old then when I frequently asked that question. After 13 years, I'm semi independent to CAFFEINE. Yes. I'm still a student studying at the premier AND overrated university of the country, but I constantly drink coffee most especially during our examination week. Caffeine is my best friend whenever I study and answer those tiring assignments. Caffeine accompanies me to success. (Naks). Oh well. I just can't help this. I'm really hooked to CAFFEINE. Naha-high ako whenever maamoy ko ang aroma ng COFFEE. Ahhh. PLEASURE. Caffeine is the safest drug that I've ever known. But to much CAFFEINE in our system is not good. Again, I would like to reiterate that too much is NOT GOOD.

YES. Finally our Bio lab instructors had finalize the destination of our field trip. We'll be having our field trip this February 1-3, 2008 at Marasugan, ComVal Province - a good two-hour "land flight" from the city. YAHOO.

BTW, right at this very moment, mom got pissed with her N73. I don't know. She can't send outgoing SMS to dad. Wait. It's not the phone, it's the NETWORK. Sira ata ang globe ngayon. TOPAK. BALIW. Good thing, I'm a SUN user and it really helps, well if I had extra free text to the other networks. Ouch.

Awww. This is a sad sad sad story. We didn't took our PE class (Table Tennis). We were forced to CUT CLASS since we had an exam in Chem 17 Lab. Yeah, our Lab instructor told us that the schedule for the long exam would be outside the laboratory schedule. Oh well. I could hardly imagine the face of our PE teacher. He may looked like a confused dude because of the unusual attendance. He may scratch his head like a silly cartoon character. Whatever. Good thing, the Chem 17 Lab exam was not that DIFFICULT. Weehah.

Yesterday, Monz complimented me on the way I write on my blog (OOOWS?!). So he suggested me to join YUWEI. YUWEI is a website designed for social networking and small business enterprise. He said that if YUWEI liked your blog, they'll pay you, IN DOLLARS. So I was quite interested and joined YUWEI just 18 hours ago. But I don't have a bank account (I only have a piggy bank account though and that's not counted, hahaha), so I didn't signed up for the payment scheme, I just signed up for the sake that I'm gonna be one of the 900 plus newest members of YUWEI. I'll just think of this. If you're interested, just log on to:

UPCAT results were released unusually EARLY. To those who passed UPCAT, congratulations! And for those who didn't, that's okay. :)). And dun sa mga nakapasa, I would like to encourage you, yes YOU (if you're an UPCAT passer, that is) to study at this overrated university. Nyahaha. It's just like being an iskolar ng bayan is wonderful occurrence in life - a once in a lifetime experience. It could also be a life changing experience. And yeah, don't waste your wonderful student numbers! Sayang. Oh-eight pa naman kayo. I like eight. And 2008 is our centennial celebration. :))

Speaking of centennial celebration, Jai gave me a suggestion to try another song regarding the centennial celebration of UP. It's from the UPLB music fest and it goes like this: (again, please click the play button since I didn't activate the autoplay. Thanks.)

I find "UP ANG GALING MO" a good song but I find "ISANG DAAN" better than the former. It's just like the former's message was quite self-centered (peace, no offense) like we're the best among the rest, etc., (which is TRUE :p), but the latter's message was simple yet outstanding. It showed about the progress of UP and how did UP molded it's students as one of the most outstanding and brilliant citizens of the country as time goes by. Somehow, the former had an intense LSS FACTOR while the latter one's quite feeble. Anyhow, I posted the lyrics of ISANG DAAN in one of my contents, I think sa VIDEO ata or sa LINKS. whatever.


May gagawin pa ako ngayong gabi.

Study for Bio 3 Lab exercise 5-6. QUIZ.
Study for Comm 3 for the midterm exam. Which I haven't started even one-eighth of it. Oops.
Answer the questions of our seventh experiment in our Chem 17 Lab.

Haay. tatlo lang pala. Kaunti lang to. Isang daan tungo sa karunungan. Isang daan tungo sa madugong labanan ng sariling utak at ng mga bluebooks. Aycaramba.


  1. kimmie11:01 PM


    Mabuhay ang 4pesos niyong blue books :)))) Isipin mo na lang, 2.50 lang to sa Diliman. :))))

  2. kimmie11:02 PM

    The UPLB song is soooo coool. :)

  3. WAHAHAHAH :p okay lang since kulangot free ang bluebooks namin. BWAHAHAH lol :)) ganda ng UPLB song noh? nkkinspire :D

  4. louis jordan9:43 PM

    yuwei's so intsik2.hahaha.