Friday, January 11, 2008


Smart people talk about ideas and life. Average people talk about the usual and everyday things that a smart people can also do. Below average people talk about people's lives - and they're exasperated when you get to notice that they do.

Smile. Life is a wonderful story to tell."

And I couldn't just imagine why they STILL EXIST on this chaotic planet. Have a LIFE please, damn it. Palibasa mga walang magawa sa buhay. LOSERS always flock together no matter what.


  1. Depends on how you talk about politics and ideas. Here's a tautological thought for you: If you talk about your ideas in politics, what does that make you? It's evidently unfair to be crossed, somehow between just an average and the intelligentsia. There ought to be a completely different category for people who can talk about just the weather and do so intelligibly (cites weatherman).

    That's if we want to speak in terms stereotypes. :)

  2. hi kim :D heheh. you have a point, but im trying to emphasize the "below average people". in short mga chismoso't chismosa. uggh. :D you really had the mind of a keen philosopher though :D

  3. kimmie5:34 PM

    WOOOO TEAM BUILDING :)))) Hahaha ang OT ng comment ko :))))

  4. july crumb10:12 PM

    i know someone who is below wicked witch tooooot! haha:D you know what i mean..haha:D

  5. YES july. kilalang kilala ko siya. but sa iyo siya. mine is different. :))