Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Making of a Psychopath

I always think that the Junior life in college is more demanding than the Sophomore life. But I didn't think that it was a million times HARDER. Damn it.

It's almost three in the morning, and yet I'm still awake. There were lots of changes that occurred during the last few weeks.

I'm not getting enough sleep.
I sleep only 5 hours a day, or worse less than that.
For the first time, schedules of making lab reports, study periods, outline won't fit in my planner anymore. Time is insufficient.
I'm suffering from nightmares - terrifying and realistic scenarios from school, some sort-of-a bad premonition.


because of these, I can't sleep well. :((

Oh yeah, no more weekends for me since I'm going to start working with my thesis starting the second week of August. God, this is terrifying.

This is killing me.

Long time no blog.

Pardon if all of my entries since June were all stress-related.

Alright, I have to sleep. I still have to go to the Vanishing Island, still thesis-related.

It seems that I'm getting stressed instead of enjoying myself with the picturesque view of it whenever I go to the beach . But I don't have a choice. I have to deal with it.

There's no turning back; a point of no return.
Time is crucial.

Oh yeah, a big good luck to me. Four exams starting Monday and will end on Thursday. On Friday, I should start passing the first draft of my report in Molecular Biology. Plus, I think the practices in cheerdance would be, uhmmm, more tedious than I expect.

Ang buhay ng Iskolar ng Bayan. Bow. RAAAAR!

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