Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just so you know,

Sex education isn't about teaching the youngsters to have sex, but rather it's a way to properly orient them about it - its importance and its consequence. It is appropriate for a child to know that he came from his mother's uterus, a special place where the development of the fetus takes place. I find it disturbing when a child thought that he came from a special powder requested by his parents or worse, when he thought that he used to be a clay and his parents molded his body through divine intervention and cooked him in a giant oven. A puerile way of thinking.

The problem isn't about implementing sex education to the curriculum, it is the responsibility of how experts explain it to the young ones.

I just want to ask one question about the church's side: If you think that sex education is liberated, can you give us a few examples of 'conservative' sex?

Now tell me.

Please enlighten me.

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