Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Harder than I thought

April 27 is fast approaching and I am so nervous about it. WVSU will release the list of qualified students for its medicine program on that date. According to the forum I’ve read from the university’s official website, only 70 will be admitted from the first batch out of 200. I believe I did well in the interview last April 13 and my GWA is higher than the required GWA as well as my NMAT grade. But who knows, right? Anything can happen. But I am still hoping that I’ll make it to the list.

Because if not (OMG), well I have no choice but to find a decent job. I only applied for UPCM and WVSU because aside from the quality education that I will get and its competitiveness, the tuition fee is cheaper compared to other medical schools. And since I didn’t make it to the initial cut-off NMAT grade at UPCM, WVSU became my one and only hope. My family simply can’t afford UST, AdMU, St. Lukes or even here at Davao Medical School Foundation, where tuition fee per semester ranges from Php 80-100,000.

I don’t have any fall back if ever I won’t make it to WVSU. I forgot to take the preliminary exam of CAAP, a requirement when applying for the position of Air Traffic Controller (yes, my uncle’s a senior ATC, naki-avail lang sa connection) here in Davao (or any major airports in the country). Training will be held at Pasay City (near NAIA) for 8 months. Moreover, I’m currently browsing JobStreet and it seems that all of my dream jobs require a certain amount of work experience. Cebu Pacific’s currently hiring flight attendants living in Southern Mindanao region. Unforunately, they are only looking for female flight crew members. Sad feys.

So yeah, if all else fails, I’ll try applying to other med schools here in Mindanao like in Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan or MSU. Come what may. One thing is sure: I am not ready to face the real world yet.

Hay naku, magaartista nalang ako. Medyo cute naman ako eh. Shetlang.

Think positive.


  1. kamusta na? hehe... active activan nanaman ako sa blog ko... hehehe ingat!

  2. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Mag-artista ka na lang. jk.