Friday, November 11, 2011

SuperUnli Fun at Globe's Early Christmas Party

Globe had celebrated an early Christmas Party treat together with Davao Bloggers, the noisiest and the hippest group to be with. For some reasons I really thought that this would just be an ordinary Christmas party, where people enjoy eating the sumptuous meals and listen to some talks about the telecommunication company.

Davao Bloggers

But no, this Christmas Party was surely one of the best that I have ever experienced.

I was with my fellow bloggers namely Karla, Kuya Olan, Princess, Juy, Nat and Kevin during dinner. I believe we were the noisiest table! We laughed so hard about Karla's punch lines (5k sack race sa Shrine Hills LOL), talked about the latest news about the blogging community and shared our insights about the latest technologies. That very moment, I realized that I have never been that happy. We just literally dropped everything and just enjoyed the night.

The succeeding events were even more exciting as we were grouped into three and participated Davao's very first Quiz Night. I have heard about it from my Manila friends and they all enjoyed it.

Now here's the catch. Sometime during the quiz, the groups are allowed to use the mobile internet to search for the correct answer. And because our group was so fortunate enough to have nothing but our sheer wit, we still managed to score and even beat the other group on the third round! Talking about stored knowledge! More so, the quiz topics were very hilarious - Bomba Stars and That's Entertainment. I was so proud that I even answered one question from the category of Bomba Stars correctly without the aide of mobile internet! On that moment, the whole conference room of Probinsya Restaurant was filled with the spirit of competitiveness. Everyone was cheering and laughing at the same time!

The Super One - our group's name!

And to add the thrill in the party, the organizers from Globe decided to give three major prizes: a Nokia X2 phone, an iPhone 3GS and the ultimate prize, the iPad 2 3G worth Php 30,995.

Chito de Castro of Davao Base was the first one to win Globe's raffle draw. He won a Nokia X2 phone. Brendel Balaga won an iPhone and Crislyn Nierva was luckiest as she brought home an iPad 2 3G!

Chito de Castro, winner of Nokia X2 phone

Brendel Balaga struck a pose after winning an iPhone 3GS

Crislyn Nierva, the luckiest person in town brought home an iPad 2 3G!

And as for the Davao's First Quiz Night's results, the third team (led by Brendel) won first place, followed by the second team (led by Andrew) and our team finished last. Despite finishing last, we still enjoyed the game. It is not the winning that counts, it is team work (LOL excuse ng mga sore losers... kidding!).

The fun doesn't stop there as Globe announced something big that will come to the city in the following weeks. I can't wait for their faster internet connection (I've been dying to switch to Globe because my broadband connection here at home is the slowest thing that ever existed on this planet) and some of their innovative services.

The party may have ended but this is just the beginning. With Globe, bigger and more exciting things are about to come here in Davao!


  1. tagal tagal niyong mag-publish, wala akong pictures sa akin, isa lang. hahaha.

    See you at the next Davao Bloggers gathering. :)

  2. Correction: Brendel won an iPhone 3GS :)

  3. Sa photo caption pa talaga ako nagkamali! Fail!

    Thanks Kuy!

  4. Hi Renz! So glad you enjoyed the party. :D Until next time! :)))

  5. Hello Jennie! Really enjoyed the party!!! :D Sa uulitin!