Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Tale of the Techie Traveler: The Cyberzone Experience

It's more fun at Cyberzone! Oppa!

Finally, SM Lanang Premier, the 46th SM mall of the country, opened its doors to the public a few days ago and boy, I can't contain my excitement when I first entered this gargantuan mall.

Tagged as Mindanao's first premier mall, it houses new flagship stores like Forever 21 and other amenities such as Bowling Center, IMAX Theater and the SMX Convention Center. More so, stores are bigger compared to the first SM Mall of the city and as I explored the third level, I took notice of Cyberzone.

Cyberzone is obviously a great place for people looking for gadgets that would perfectly suit their lifesyle. We all know that technology changes faster than the speed of the light - cellular phone companies release a new model of of smartphone then a few months later, they'll release a new one making the former obsolete. Crazy.

People fighting for one product. Crazy!

Regarding to that issue, it is really hard to stick with the technological trend these days. In my case, as a frequent traveler, I'd always wanted to keep myself updated on Facebook, Twitter and share my travel stories online. However, as I plan to buy a new gadget, I would always face this same old predicament: limited stocks hence fewer choices. I'd always end up disappointed. Imagine millions of people fighting for just one or two gadgets. Spell disaster.

But with SM Lanang Premier's Cyberzone, my problem has finally come to an end. I never thought that this place actually exists! It is so huge and is filled with different tech stores. More tech stores = more choices. So why should I settle for less when there's Cyberzone? True enough, consumers wouldn't need to wait for the new stocks to come plus I have the opportunity to compare other product brands! There are tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, gaming consoles, cameras from point-and-shoots to DSLRs... EVERYTHING! Basically, shopping for gadgets has never been THIS fun and exciting at Cyberzone!

So much more!

And the best part of it? Cyberzone allows its consumers to choose a specific gadget that perfectly fits their lifestyle and budget. Whether you want the latest and the fastest unit or the economical one, Cyberzone has it. Talking about convenience.

Great shopping experience at Cyberzone!

True enough, Cyberzone is the best place where you can find the coolest gadgets on Earth! Likewise, it's more fun to shop at Cyberzone with your family, friends or robots.

For more information, please like their Facebook page or visit their website at

(Photo courtesy of Andrew)

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