Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Papal Visit Experience

Philippine 8010

No words can express how I truly felt when Pope Francis visited Tacloban City. Mixed emotions. This must be the reason why I was here in the first place. I never thought that I would have a close encounter with him. Seeing the pope smiling at the crowd and officiating a Holy Eucharist while battling the strong wind and rain was truly remarkable. Despite the inclement weather in Tacloban, he opted to pursue the trip and be with the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

That alone was a humble act already.

Even if he's the leader of The Holy See, he is still gentle and a down to earth person; never a condescending one. He inspired millions of Filipinos through his words and homilies.

It was truly a memorable experience to handle the papal flight here in Tacloban. It's not about the responsibility or the prestige on taking part of this historical visit, but it's a reminder of how to be merciful, compassionate, and to remain your feet on the ground no matter what.

The night prior the visit.

Resilience and faith.

Patiently waiting for the papal flight. At Tacloban Control Tower.

His smile was a contagious one.

ATCs on duty.

Thank you so much, Pope Francis for visiting my beloved country. Your visit really means to us.

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