Thursday, July 02, 2015

Too Lazy to Adult

When we were still young, we rushed to become an adult. We wished to grow up too fast, act like one, and be like one. After all, being an adult entitles you to do cool things. However, when we become one, we wish to go back to the days when we were still young, and problems were as simple as memorizing the multiplication table, or finding the least common denominator of dissimilar fractions.

Adult life is truly exasperating. Every morning, you are compelled to wake up early for work. Unlike school, you can't really afford to be late for work, unless you have a flexible time or schedule which is by the way, hard to find these days. You may earn a lot higher than your monthly allowance in college but you are obliged to pay taxes because it is an obligatory adult thing to give back to your country, and to fill the empty pockets of some politicians. Every month, a tsunami of bills haunts you, a grim reminder that you are now an adult. We meet new people along the way and gain a new set of friends. New connections, new network. We try to sustain the friendship in vain whilst meeting your worst enemies unintentionally as we move on to our chosen road. We fall in love to a person whom we thought an eternal bliss, only to find out that it is a one-sided show. Bullshit.

It hurts to be an adult. There is this perpetual fear of facing the unknown after encountering endless dilemmas. Through fear. we become victims of uncertainty. But, we often fail to realize that despite the shortcomings, adult life is actually beautiful. You get the liberty to choose your personal happiness and goals in life. You get to know you truly loves you and who to trust. And most importantly, you value life more than before. We should not allow fear to shroud us. It may sometimes feel us inferior but we have to overcome it. Instead of sulking, we need to find the light - the one that will truly guide us to the path that we had always wanted to take.

Just enjoy life as it is. 

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