Thursday, November 19, 2015

11.19 Thoughts

Some morning thoughts that I need to post online, for the sake of updating my personal blog.

No fly-zone in RPLL/MNL today until tomorrow, thus all flights to and from Manila are cancelled. I Throughout my shift, I only handled two flights so far, all coming from Mactan-Cebu. Spell boring. Tomorrow, I shall bring my laptop and start editing the photos and videos of our recent KL-SG trip.

Speaking of our recent trip, it was a success! Yey! More trips in the future with  them! I didn't expect KL would be that clean and organized. I thought it's like Jakarta, only that they have a better mass transportation.

Haven't started with my presentation this Nov 28. I was chosen to be one of the resource speakers in Cebu. I will be talking about travel blogging, how I started this career, and how to build your own style in travel blogging. It's gonna be a 15-minute (or less) talk, TEDx style. I'm pretty nervous but hey, I'm comfortable with the topic but I am not sure about talking in front of the crowd. Well, as the saying goes, comfort zone is a comfortable place to live but there's no growth on it.

The world is full of bigots and hypocrites, and that fact alone will forever exist. Sad truth but, there are still people out there who don't belong in that ugly circle.

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