Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fuck Society

Still in the state of mindfuck after watching the first season of Mr. Robot. Damn, it was so good that I am still not over with it! I guess I'd be suffering from existential crisis. It felt like I was Elliot. He was me. And all those talking-to-my-imaginary-audiences scenes. Just kidding. Don't get me wrong though, I am not suffering from clinical depression, I am not seeing a psychiatrist, and most of all, I am not sniffing substances. Haha!

But yeah, is it just me or Elliot = Mr. Robot aka his dad aka his daemon = Tyrell Wellick? I know the third one sounds crazy but... have you ever thought about it too? The final episode was really intense and I loved the character development of the show. Piece by piece, we've finally unravelled the mysterious world of Elliot, or so we thought. I was really thinking that Mr. Robot was real, until after watching the 9th episode.

The confrontation scene of Elliot and Joanna was one of my favorites throughout the first season. It was so intense. Joanna's smile may mean something. Well, it was clear that she's really hiding something, AND SHE FUCKING KNOWS WHERE TYRELL IS. But I don't know, honestly. It's just me. Or isn't? She was clearly fishing for information about her husband's whereabouts, but she seemed nonchalant.

Can't fucking wait for the second season. Yes, I've never typed so many curse words in one fucking blog post, unless if I'm fuming mad (which I'm not, quite obviously). But I'll can't just help it but to let it out. Damn. I repeat, this series is so good!

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