Monday, June 20, 2016

The Battle of the Bastards

Jon Snow during the Battle of the Bastards. Credit HBO

WARNING: May contain spoilers and a bit of swearing.

Well, fuck. What do you know? Last night I told myself that I should invest mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and possibly physically for the second to the last episode of Game Of Thrones. Shit, I didn't see that coming. I mean, everything ON THIS FUCKING EPISODE WAS ON POINT!

Where shall we begin? Well, forget about Dany's dragons, the fall of the useless Harpys and the alliance between her and the two Greyjoy siblings (I ship Dany and Yara hahaha). Let's focus on the episode's highlight - the face-off between Jon 'The-Resurrected-One' Snow and Ramsay 'I-Slay-Everyone' Bolton. We all hate Ramsay Bolton. He's ruthless. His sneer and remarks are fucking annoying. Setting Joffrey aside (RIP), he's the most hated character in this show. WE FUCKING LOVE TO HATE RAMSAY.

Tormund, our favorite wildling. Credit HBO

I was expecting Rickon's demise but I didn't expect that it would end up like that - Ramsay style. He should've ran in zigzag and not in a straight line for fuck's sake. What do you expect with a teenage kid who knows nothing (pun not intended) about battles. The entirety of this episode was gripping and very intense. Every minute, every second, my palms, underarms, and feet are sweaty but I ain't eating mom's spaghetti.

We love to hate him. Credit HBO

The Battle of the Bastards is currently the best Game of Thrones episode since Hardhome. For some reasons, it was truly a satisfying one. Watching Jon Snow beating Ramsay Bolton wasn't enough, and it was a wise decision to let Sansa Stark do the ala Mortal Kombat's fatality. No, she didn't chop Ramsay's head. If you paid close attention to their last conversation, Ramsay told Sansa, "I'm part of you now.". We now go back to the earlier episodes of this season. Remember when Sansa and Jon Snow met for the first time at Castle Black? She told him that she can still feel him inside her. I know you're probably smart enough to read between the lines. I am looking forward to seeing Sansa's future, now that they have created more enemies. At least they have seized what was rightfully to them. For now, they need to keep their eyes and ears open.

I will never forget her smirk though. Finally, Sansa's a brave lady. Catelyn and Ned are so proud.

They're actually cousins, if you think of it. Credit HBO

Some things you have to consider:

1) Do not... I REPEAT, FOR THE LOVE SEVEN OLD AND NEW GODS, DO NOT forget to feed your dogs.

2) When you're attacked by a single archer, do not run in a straight line. But heck, Ramsay's one hell of a good archer.

3) Don't mess with the queen who owns four dragons.

Kudos to the whole production crew of this episode. It was absolutely amazing. This particular episode of the Game of Thrones deserves an award. I swear. Now I can't wait for the season finale. Will Cersei use violence against the High Sparrow? I do hope Tommen the useless and illegitimate king of the seven kingdoms will die. What's Margaery's ultimate plan? Don't forget Arya too.

The more important thing to consider: WE CAN'T WAIT FOR ANOTHER YEAR. Fast forward to April 2017!!!


  1. AGREE KO SA TANAN! Same sentiments kuya Renz! -Jerb

    1. Nailabas ko na rin ang saloobin ko after watching it. Wala man gud ko kastorya diri about GOT

  2. As for Jon Snow, hashtag BLESSED :)

    1. Hahaha! Ni isang arrow di siya natamaan