Sunday, July 17, 2016

Supercell in Tacloban

Two weeks ago, a supercell developed 3 miles northeast of the airport. It went viral on social media because the netizens thought it was a huge funnel cloud/tornado. LOL if it really was a tornado, judging from what I saw, it could easily pass as an EF5 tornado. I'd be one of the few survivors (because... masamang damo lol) if it went straight to the airport.

Anyway, this is just a supercell, a rotating thunderstorm. This is relatively small compared to what we always see on TV in America's midwest aka the notorious tornado alley. Minutes after this photo was taken, it rained so hard but it only lasted for forty-five minutes. The wind was packing up to 35 knots, blowing to the north.

The supercell quickly dissipated.

Seeing this in real life rekindled my obsession in extreme weather. HAHAHAHA

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