Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Rainy June

Today is my day off and I have so many thoughts to pour out on this post. I don't where to begin, but oh well, here goes nothing.

My asthma has already taken its toll on me. It all started with an allergic rhinitis last month, and it got worse by the third week of May. I don't know, it felt like I inhaled so many pollens and dust that it made my airways constricted. I was having difficulty in breathing, plus add the fact that my work's stressing me out lately. Since three personnel were not around due to training, I was forced to take over their position. I had at least four 24-hr shift last month, and it pisses me off. I don't know, back in my previous facility, we were always informed beforehand. Today, it felt like I'm an on-call doctor. Yeah, the spontaneous overtime is an overkill. I had no choice but to accept it. I'm one of the juniors, and I fucking hate this bureaucracy. I think we need a system overhaul. I strongly believe that we are currently mismanaged by these greedy fucktards. Okay, enough with work. I shouldn't be thinking about it. But hey, don't get me wrong, I love my job. It's my dream to work in the aviation industry but it's just... it's just... some people fail to realize that we should take a break from it sometimes. It is never on my bucket list to be a workaholic, or work 32 to 40 hours straight. Ugh!

Okay, enough with work. I've finally caught up with my favorite series and books. Yey! The season finale of Designated Survivor was a cliffhanger. I have no idea what's in store for President Kirkman in the next season. Speaking of President, the new season of House Of Cards is finally up on Netflix. I made a promise not to watch the entire season in just one or two days. HAHAHA. And oh, I might start reading Rich People Problems after my radar training in Manila.

The rain is making me a bit emotional. I find it really, REALLY hard to move on, and I hate myself for being like that. But, I learned that you can't unlove a person. The feelings will remain, and all you have to do is to muster enough courage and strength to move on one step at a time. I guess I haven't gathered enough strength, yet. Or what if, I chose not to?


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Get well soon hope everything is well for you. Just know that someone cares about you :)