Wednesday, August 23, 2017

MFGM: The Latest Breakthrough in Pediatric Nutrition

The first five years of a child's development is very crucial. At this stage, every milestone of the child determines how much potential the child can achieve in the future.

That's why most parents invest to provide proper nutrition and care for their child's development, so as to help their child's physical and mental growth. During the early stages of growth, 90% of which are accounted on the child's brain. The latest breakthrough in pediatric nutrition may just offer parents the help they need.

MFGM or milk fat globule membrane is a tri-layer complex rich in bioactive components that have been proven in studies to support the cognitive development of infants. A study reveals that MFGM contributes in the behavioral or EQ development of children.

MFGM has been successfully extracted and reintroduced into supplemental milk formula for infants and children, making it closely similar with the gold standard of pediatric nutrition.

One of the leading experts in this field, Tore Jesper Andersen, said that the naturally-occurring milk component will forever change the landscape in pediatric nutrition. He also added that this is about successfully extracting MFGM and introducing it to milk formula to maximize its efficacy for the development of our children.

A study by Dr. Niklas Timby of Umea University in Sweden further supports the study, that there are positive effects of MFGM on the cognitive development of the child. Infants fed with MFGM-enriched milk had significantly higher cognitive scores than those infants who were fed a formula without MFGM. Cognitive scores weren't also different from results reported for breastfed infants.

Another study on the effects of MFGM also showed that the compound is beneficial in strengthening the child's immune system. The milk formula reduces the incidence of acute otitis media ad episodes of bloody diarrhea in infants.

The benefits of MFGM truly ushers a new era in pediatric healthcare and nutrition, giving parents and pediatricians more ways of helping prepare and protect children for tomorrow's challenges. This has brought pediatric nutrition closest to the gold standard of nutrition.

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