Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Thought Outwits the Other

In less than a year, I'll be graduating from college. I'll be leaving UP. All those wonderful experiences have molded me into a better person.

In the next four years, I'll be taking either medicine (75% chance) or a masters and doctorate degree in Molecular Genetics (25% chance). In that time, I'll enjoy the life of being single, mingle with my new set of friends, reunite to some of my old friends, meet my soon-to-be-colleagues and travel alone to various places inside and outside the country.

When I'm almost thirty, I'll find the perfect girl that will perfectly complete my almost perfect life.

Then utopia. Then children. Then a new set of adventure embarks. Then the middle age. Then the old life. Then retirement; enjoying the last days of my life.


Apparently, one have this kind of thinking when planning about their future. You know what, sometimes life is MORE exciting when things come unexpectedly.
You become a bit frustrated once you won't achieve what you really want to do with your life.

Always remember that in life, it's good to have plans but we should always be prepared to things that will come in a spur of the moment. It can be a good thing or otherwise. Either way, both will have valuable lessons that will shape us into a better person - way better than the thought of being already a better person before.
Just enjoy life.

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