Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cost Cutting Measures

In aviation industry, airline companies need to have an optimum profit and one way to achieve this is through cost cutting. In simple economics, the profit makes the company running. There are several ways to cut off the expenses and raise revenue, like through the usage of air bridges, fuel-passenger ratio and the efficiency of the aircraft.

What's disturbing is that some airline companies include aircraft maintenance to their cost cutting measures. This shouldn't be done since maintenance, as the name implies maintains the aircraft to its top condition. If anything goes wrong with the aircraft, it should be treated through keen repair and inspection by the maintenance crew. A single mistake is already proven fatal, as what we have heard or read from the news since the dawn of the aviation industry. Thousands of lives have already been compromised due to the neglect of some aviation companies. Greed might have taken over by some officials. In return lives of the innocent travelers are at risk, at all times.

Sometimes in life, we need to consider a lot of things before implementing it. We have to think whether if it is for the betterment of the people and not just for our own benefit.

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