Sunday, December 19, 2010

High School Never Ends

I never really enjoyed high school that much.

I studied in a Catholic-Chinese school for almost 13 years (preschool to 4th yr High School) here in Davao. I have witnessed so many changes in my school - the administration staff, the developments and the students as well.

High school was really tough for me. It's not that I had difficulties catching up with the subjects, it's dealing with the people around me. I really had a hard time to adapt with their unpredictable attitude. Well, I should expect this due to the rage of hormones inside our system.

High school is known for its stereotypes. It's like India's Caste System. The Brahmas are the jocks and the pretty girls. The Kshatriyas are the student leaders. Fortunately I managed to be the part of the second to the lowest caste system - The Sudras (aka The Nerds). The commoners aka the-ones-who-is-easily-forgotten-by-students-and-teachers are the untouchables.

Back in high school, I always daydream to be one of those cool and famous kids. I just want to know the feeling of being famous. I wish to have the prettiest girlfriend so that all the people in the world will get envious to us. I wish to be one of the most influential students in our school. I wish to have more money so that I could afford all those 'cool' gadgets and with those 'cool' gadgets, people will brand me 'cool'.

I experienced being bullied too! As one of the nerds in our batch, some of my classmates will just get my assignment without asking permission, copy it and return it to me without saying 'thank you'. But wait, there's more! There was one time when my assignment in Physics got lost because of their negligence. Also, when I was in third year, my Chemistry teacher discovered my laboratory manual inside a trash bin. I got furious but didn't have guts to face those mindless bullies. I just kept it to myself and it hurt my ego.

But you know, I was really thankful that I had experienced those horrifying incidents. It made me a better and a stronger person. Just be yourself. Don't meddle with the lives of other people.

Four years later.

One time, I saw one of the jocks of my batch, carrying a baby girl. He's a single father and can't finish his tertiary education the soonest. I also heard the news of one of the nerds of my batch. He's currently studying in a prestigious university in USA.

Look, life is so unpredictable.

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