Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Frustrating Things in Amazing Race

Contrary to popular beliefs, teams joining this reality show do not have what it takes to win the million dollars (plus some great freebies if you arrive first at the pit stop). No matter how good you are on reading at maps/directions or how physically strong you are, it won't really matter if some unfortunate things happen unexpectedly. Here are some things that would actually change the drama of this show.

1) The first team leaves the pit stop at around dawn and arrives at the airport, only to find out that the next scheduled flight to their next destination will be at around noon or evening. The other teams behind them will surely catch up. Back to square one.

2) Teams arrive at the airport and dash outside the terminal building to search for vacant taxis. Then the teams made a mad dash on the highway to their next destination. Unfortunately, upon arrival at their destination, they found out that the place they're going to perform a certain task is closed. They have no choice but to wait 'til morning.

3) No matter how good you are in reading maps, it would be useless if you bought a map written in a foreign language. I can't imagine myself reading a Chinese map.

4) You use all your charm just to be on THAT certain flight.

5) Virtual Pit Stop. This would surely spoil the euphoric mood of the supposedly 'winning' team, after the host gives their prize: their next clue.

6) Taxi drivers usually know where they are going, given that they have been driving on that certain country for a decade (or forever). Although, some of them can't understand English, resulting to confusion and a waste of time and resources.

Team member: Excuse me, sir. Can we just stop for a while and ask a local because I think you don't know where you're going.

Driver: Yes, yes, I do! (Then, he continues to drive, leaving the team clueless).

7) Foot race. It's a bit frustrating when you're seconds away from winning a grand vacation package from Travelocity. Things get worse if you're racing to the finish line. I'm pretty sure that those teams who are only seconds behind the prize will regret about it.

8) Overcharged fees of the taxi or public utility vehicle drivers.

9) The taxi stops in a gasoline station to fill its tank. Time is precious.

10) You're team mate keeps on whining about your clumsiness on a certain task. Your team mate doesn't have the right to direct you. I'd rather quit the show if I have a team mate who keeps on yelling, "Stop being so stupid" or "Run faster, you idiot!" at me.

11) Language barrier. Always the problem (especially in China, Japan, and South Korea).

Well, teams must have witty strategies to overcome these predicaments. I'm pretty sure that team work will overcome these. If you audition and got lucky to become a part of the show, just enjoy the race.

It's a race of a lifetime.

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