Sunday, January 16, 2011

Young and Old

When I was young I always wish that I grow fast and become an adult. I really want to know what it feels like to wear corporate attires and talk to different kinds of people everyday. I also want to know what it feels like to drive a car, to pay bills and to receive my monthly salary from the bank.

As we grow older, we encounter different kinds of problems. The degree of difficulty cumulatively increases over a period of time. As these predicaments continue to pile up, we tend to forget some priorities in life. We tend to forget about our being. We tend to forget that there are some people who care for us.

When we were young, we always get mad when our parents turn off the TV and force us to sleep at around 8 or 9 in the evening. As we get older, we sometimes choose not to sleep in order to finish some tasks.

When we were young, we always complain about the food we eat. We always want mom to cook fried chicken daily. Now that we're old, we always think what to eat and serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When we were young, we let the water flow freely from the faucet while brushing our teeth and forget to turn off the TV while we are about to sleep. Today, we worry about the forever increasing charge rates of water and electricity.

Now that I am turning 21 this year, I just want to become a kid again, where all problems are easy to solve. I want to experience the innocence again. This is the stage where I don't have to worry about the bills to pay, thesis to finish, research papers to pass, budgeting my daily allowance (and also daily expenses) and so much more.

Ahh. Life as we know it.

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  1. yeah..that really is true...
    i kinda sometimes want to go back where i would not worry of something or anything...i wish i could..but that would be so impossible so i have to go with the flow...all i have to do is work with what's today or now...