Monday, August 15, 2011

The Youth Today

Hi. You said ask anything. So anyway, what is the reason behind the growing profligacy among today's youth? :) (thedorkasaur)

Technology has already made several changes to the society. It has made our lives easier and more accessible. Although it has made our lives prone to the dark forces - forces that made the lives of others in peril.

But how about the youth? It’s the other way, my friend. I’m pretty sure that each and every one of us will undergo this stage, the stage of being a youth. It is a preparatory stage before entering adulthood. In this stage, each one of us will start to experience different things which can help to mold our emotional character. We start to realize something and carry it to our own principles in life. If we compare the youth today and the youth yesterday, it doesn't really spell any differences. They may have different interests and views in music, arts, politics, history and other relevant things but the thing is, they have this same notion of acquiring all the things they wanted even if it is not really important to their life

Sometimes, we fail to discern good things from bad. There are still flaws. Our very own principles would soon be compromised.

At first, we start to experience different situations in life – either good or bad situations in life. We get happy whenever the situations are good; otherwise we try to look for good solutions. Likewise we start to work things out. Ideally, if we look for a good solution for that certain predicament then our principles start to get its own shape. In real life, it is sometimes the direct opposite. You see, we sometimes wanted to straighten things up, even if it doesn’t need to! Thus, we are wildly extravagant. We are spending too much effort and energy to insignificant things. We start to think that what we are doing is always right, even if it’s relatively wrong to the eyes of multitude. We start to become reckless to things around us.

Nevertheless, we are prone to vices and some dark forces. We often think that these are the best ticket to euphoria. We fail to realize that these things will destroy our precious lives little by little. Time is relative but it’s still the same story.

Despite these, I am still confident that the youth will outgrow its decadence, material or non-material things.

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