Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning Experience

I started blogging last 2006. I discovered it through Coconuter. I was really inspired to document my life over the internet. During that time, blogging wasn't really a big hit and I do remember that I'll get ecstatic whenever I receive at least 10 page views per day. During that time, most blogs are just personal journals and niche blogs haven't sprouted yet.

Whenever I am bored, I read some of my previous blog posts. Reading those previous blog posts of mine brings back those bittersweet memories. Back then, most of my posts were full of complaints, rants and whatnots; a typical blog of a teenager (hehe). I'd always ranted how hectic my schedule was or how awful my professors were. And oh, my grammar was not that good, believe it or not.

I have learned so many things about blogging and I didn't regret of signing up at Blogger five years ago. This personal blog of mine used to be (LOL IKR ang baduy ng URL) then after a year or two it became the-pseudoneuro (I used to dream to become a Neurosurgeon like Dr. Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy). My first purpose of making this blog is to document all of my childhood memories and publish it here. I told myself that blogging is an innovative tool since I don't need to waste another ink and papers (yes I do own and write on my diaries when I was younger). Eventually, it became a personal blog filled with, yeah, rants about my high school and college life.

At least whenever I am happy or sad, I have someone to share all of it; a channel of my emotions. At first I didn't care whether if I gain readers or not but I realize that the bigger the audience your blog has, the more it becomes interactive. It's one of the reasons why I have gained a LOT of online friends. I even met some of them and mind you, they're all awesome.

I may have transferred to Multiply last 2007 then to Tumblr last 2009, but I will never, ever leave my first cyber abode. This is where I seek refuge whenever I am emotionally unstable.

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